Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working behind the scenes to deliver some of my hardest hitting posts on launching.


I’m getting ready to share something big with you.  Yes – a launch.

Just 1 year ago I took a leap of faith, a chance, and launched the first round of Fearless Launching.  The results were beyond my expectations, because I keep it real and never expect anything – I push until I get what I want!

And I’m now excited to celebrate this 1 year birthday of the program with you too!

Fearless Launching 2013

It’s coming soon!

And – I almost changed everything until I was schooled by some of the students in the first round of the program.

What you’re about to see is un-edited raw conversations… even the launch teacher needs advice once in awhile!

What’s changed this time around? Not a lot. And that’s on purpose!

I decided to keep the program exactly as it is!

What to do right now:

Get on the list.  Make sure you’re on the Fearless Launching notification list, grab the free planner, and find out first when the party starts. Click here.

 Stay tuned for the next article in my launch smackdown series…You have until Friday to catch up on the other posts in the series on the benefits of launching and the top 9 launch mistakes.

Have a great day!