Imagine this:

You wake up early on a weekend instead of sleeping in – you jump to your computer and out pours a masterpiece you’ve been dreaming of writing for the last decade or longer.

Maybe you write 2 months worth of blog posts in one sitting.

Maybe you bust out 10 heartfelt personalized holiday cards to people you’ve been meaning to send physical notes.

Whatever the case, writing is hard sometimes.  But I believe writing is one of those key skills everyone should embrace and master at some level.

Why aren’t you writing more?

Our ability to write helps us:

  • Clarify our thoughts
  • Communicate our thoughts & feelings with others
  • Share and connect with other people more completely

Still…many people have a love-hate relationship with writing – it has to happen at the exact right time and place and often ends with you slamming your computer shut or switching over to your Facebook feed or “realizing” you have something else to do.

Why are you making it so hard on yourself?

You are the one who wanted to start that blog…you’re the one who decided to do a written report instead of a video…you wanted to send those Christmas cards…you are the one who wanted to write!  Yet you stomp your feet off every time you feel like you’re being MADE to write.  Writing is like breathing.  You gotta do it sometime!

Believe it or not–the weekend dream writing scenario above is me.  I’ve found the time and place that I get my best writing done is on a Saturday or Sunday morning when I’m barely awake.   But I wouldn’t get half the writing I do without writing through those tough times when I DON’T WANNA DO IT!

People often ask me how I get so much writing done.

The truth is pretty simple.

Writing takes patience, practice, and perseverance.  

I won’t lie and say I just accepted those principles and learned them easily, though.

It also takes finding some tools that trick you into enjoying writing.  One of those tools which I love to “play” in is called Ommwriter.

Check out the video below where I take you through my favorite writing tool – that keeps me in love with writing even when I’m not in the mood.

[youtube width=”480″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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