When you're feeling like a failure or that you just aren't reaching your goals fast enough, the best way to gain some momentum, re-ignite your spark, get back in motion…is to CELEBRATE.


How to celebrate even when you feel like a failure

I'll admit it's not easy to celebrate when you feel like you haven't reached your destination.  It's easy to lose excitement and drive for that place you so desperately want to be in life.

You may even think you haven't done anything worthy of praise.

Here's what I highly recommend you do right now.

Taking a few minutes to acknowledge and celebrate the actions you have taken and the improvements you have made or simply noticing when you complete something — will give you a bundle of immediate gifts:

  • you'll get a burst of energy to move closer to your bigger goals
  • you'll regain faith in yourself and realize you are capable
  • you'll become more rooted in the present and be more effective in everything you do
  • you'll likely reach that big goal ahead of schedule (and right on time!)
Watch the video where I share with you my 3 wins…

[youtube width=”480″ height=”344″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCQHnwJV_PU[/youtube]


Remember: don't save the big party for when you reach that nirvana – that big goal – pat yourself on the back for your achievements along the way.

Leave a comment below with 3 actions or achievements you can celebrate today.

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