Have you ever had to make a tough decision to quit something you really loved?

It could be a job, a project, a business…whatever it was – you had an emotional attachment to it, you felt ownership, a responsibility to it even.

Well, that was me earlier this year as I struggled on the edge of making a decision to leave a longstanding job (funny to call it that really) with Laura Roeder.

The truth: I’d wanted to start my own “thing” – whatever that thing was – for a long time.

But there’s no manual to tell you when the time to move on is…from anything.

Just like launching – there’s no rule or criteria that says – “yep, you are ready to spend 100% of your time working on your own business”.

I hosted an intimate call where my dear friend and amazing artist Catherine Just pushed me to share more about the process of taking the big leap.  If there’s anyone who knows what I went through in the month and year leading up to this break – it’s Catherine.

And – lucky you – I asked her to push me into the deep end, grill me with uncomfortable questions and hopefully give you the chance to see firsthand what it takes to make take that initial uber scary step.

My experience is only that – and might not be the exact barometer or measure of your own journey, but I can assure you that you’ll walk away understanding some of the following and more:

1. What REALLY led to my decision to leave the company, team and people I loved (and still love!)

2. How I transitioned out, found my replacement, and trained her to take over such a big role.

3. What I did in my own business to prepare for 100% me time

4. The dirty little secret I’ve discovered about my personal time management style since no longer having the structure of LKR to keep me focused.

Plus – You’ll walk away with some strategies for planning your own personal launch, who can help you make it happen, and making sure you don’t wait 3 years to make your next big thing happen!

Sign up below to grab the replay for this call – it will be a call only – no slides – just a conversation about change, fear, and making it happen.