Summer’s nearing and you know you’ve got a ton of things to clean up, get started, and MAKE HAPPEN in your business.

What to do??

Does your business need a little TLC? If so, Tadah Learning Center might just be what you’re looking for…

I may be a little biased – I won’t lie, but here’s what I know about Sarah Burns and Tadah Social Media.

She’s awesome. She knows her stuff about running an online business – she does it every single day.  I worked side by side with her on Laura Roeder’s team for 2 years and I know all the women she’s gathered to teach classes for the very first session of the Tadah Learning Center.

I was so happy to be able to grill her a little this past Sunday morning – with kids running around and still a bright smile on her face.

Watch this video as she shares:

  • What’s this whole Tadah Learning Center all about
  • The unique + useful classes that are starting NEXT WEEK
  • Why this has been a labor of love
  • And the unique format and way all of the courses are being delivered (I’m a geek, so this is the part I was realllly interested in learning about!)


TLC is perfect for women running their small businesses online.  There are 7 classes to choose from and all are just 4 weeks long, easy to implement and will help you go from having that to do or should do list to tadah! I love it!

I’m pretty sure you’ll love Sarah as much as I do after this interview!

Absolutely no affiliate promotions here people – it’s all love to Sarah and the amazing women teaching these courses!

(spoiler alert: courses include google analytics, wordpress 101, business systems, delegation, design, social media marketing…and more!)

Leave your questions and comments below – and Sarah will be happy to answer them!