If you've wondered what it's going to take turn your work into six figure courses (or more), you hit this page on the right day.

Today's guest is pretty much my sister from another mother (and father)…

She is all about helping people find and embrace their expertise…and figure out how to turn that into a profitable course. But more than that, my guest Jeanine Blackwell seems to be this amazing combination of support, strategy, and tactical execution.

See – literally, I keep saying, wait that’s me too!

Jeanine’s in the middle of a launch right now and she sat down to talk about figuring out what you should offer whether it’s your first, second, or third time out of the gate.

She asks the tough questions that you probably haven’t thought of or taken a step back to think about.

Are you avoiding one area of true expertise? What question does your course answer? What’s something your ideal customer will actually pay to solve?

We get into a whole bunch of topics including:

  • How to find your best offers?
  • What to do before jumping into the launch?
  • How to stop circling around your expertise and use it to create a course
  • Why we’re all somewhat unconscious of our competence in certain areas
  • What it takes to get your expertise & brilliance into the world
  • How to fight your natural inclination to diminish your gifts
  • How to find clarity and figure out where your sellable expertise lives
  • The only offers that get through the static of all the offers we see online
  • Why you should re-think giving people what they need
  • Why figuring out HOW your audience talks is just half of the equation
  • Some of the big mistakes to creating a course

And so much more!

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Your Turn

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