My Step by Step 6-Week Course Launch Plan

If you’re getting ready to launch a course, or coaching program, today’s episode is for you. I’m sharing my 6-week course launch plan…it’s the same plan I’ve used on countless course launches over the years! Last week I shared how to warm up your audience for a launch – but what comes next? Well – here’s exactly what comes next. […]


How To Connect With Your Audience Faster & Easier in 2024

Are you trying to connect with your audience? Are you worried that what you’re doing is just not enough to turn them into buyers? Listen to today’s episode for reminders of what it takes to connect and captivate your audience. You’ll learn 5 shifts, reminders, and actions you can take immediately to finally crack the code on what it will […]


My 2024 Super Simple Content Strategy

Are you worried you don’t have enough hours in the day to create all the content you need to market your business? Well, I’ve got a content strategy so simple you might not even call it a strategy. If you joined me last week for the 12-month Marketing Map and you created your own map for the year, then you’ll […]