build your listDo you want to build your list before your next launch?

Great! Reaching new people should be something you’re always doing…

That’s why my main focus in between launches is to keep reaching out to new people…finding new, effective ways to turn those into list building systems, and use tools like Leadpages to keep the whole thing easy for me!

So, if you’re leading up to a launch, want more of the right people to pay attention, and make more sales, today’s episode is for you.

<Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • exactly how you should approach list building
  • when you should start building your interest list
  • what type of content works the best
  • where you should promote yourself

and so much more!

5 Ways To Build Your List Before You Launch

(in case you’re in a hurry and just want to read the dirty deets instead of listening to the podcast!)

#1 Plan: Start early – 6-9 weeks before your launch, fill the well, focus on bringing in new faces.

This is important because filling the well takes time and you want to make sure your new audience members get to know you so they aren’t “cold” when the launch actually starts.

#2 Content: Create freemium content people must sign up for related to what you will launch. Make sure there is a direct link to your product…whether it’s a mini-piece or taste of your bigger product or something that will help get the person ready for a next step.

#3 Communicate: Schedule social media–Instagram, Facebook, twitter. Wherever you have the most engaged following. Go there and just tell people what you’ve recently released. Write a blog post. Share what you’re doing in as many places as possible. Then, make sure you tell people what they’ll get when they “sign up”. Give them something they have a clear, fast outcome.

#4 Partners: Email your inner circle, affiliates, or other partners who can share for you, offer them an incentive, and tell them that you’re gearing up for your launch.

#5 Promote: Got $100? Use Facebook Ads to boost sign-ups to your free cheatsheet or workbook. Seriously – with a small budget of $10 a day you’ll find that you can add a substantial number of new leads to your list, plus they’ll all want your completely relevant fresh opt-in you’ve created.

Remember, don’t just read these 5 points and nod. Take action.

The important thing to remember is this…if you don’t have people to launch to…regardless of if the

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