Picture this.

White board on an island in my kitchen.

Post it notes. Sharpie. Planner opened.

Dirty dishes in the sink.

You. Me.

That’s how all of my launch planning sessions start.

Oh and coffee.

But there’s something else that comes before you plan your product launches.

Watch the video below to learn what 3 steps you should take FIRST.

Three Steps To Take BEFORE you Plan Your Next Launch

1. Take Inventory – This is probably the most often missed piece of planning a launch…taking inventory of your content, tools, the people (subscribers, partners, your team)… Doing a complete review of all the assets currently available in your business does a few things.

  • Helps you create an accurate to do list…you literally will start crossing off the to do list before overwhelm hits!
  • Come up with a realistic strategy for the launch itself — and possibly have many of the pieces to execute on that strategy DONE!
  • Gives you a starting point – an honest look at your business, how much interaction you’re getting, how big  your list is…
  • And – it sets you up for the very next step to take before you start planning… setting realistic goals.

2. Set Clear Goals – You might be tempted to say that you want to, ” Double My List” or have a “6-Figure Launch”…but when that happens it’s likely because you haven’t looked at where you are now. One of the most common setbacks entrepreneurs face is having unrealistic expectations of their launches, growth, and amount of work it takes to reach their desired level of success.

Don’t fall into this trap, no matter how seductive it is to shoot for the moon with your goals. Yes – have big goals. Yes – dream big for yourself. But do it based in reality.

Your goals might look like a certain number of new subscribers, a sales goal, number of new customers, number of repeat customers, conversion rate from reader to customer, social media growth, or even date you want to open the doors to your launch.

I like to have 3 tiers of goals – realistic, that would be cool, and OMG we just did that!

That allows me the ability to acknowledge the target I really want to hit but also be clear that success can happen at other levels too.

3. Brainstorm The How – The third step to take before you set even one date in the calendar for your launch is doing a brainstorm. Ask yourself, “What’s my general plan to reaching the above goals?” Listing out the HOW you’ll get there might look like a list of various marketing activities like webinars, blog series, Instagram challenge, 30 day blog challenge, podcast tour, blog tour, email series, video series, Facebook Ads…

Once you list all the possibilities…go back to your inventory and then decide which 1-3 things would be the easiest to make happen.

Example – you did a webinar that people loved, tons signed up for, and you made sales as a result…use it again, update the landing page, set a date, publish, add some Facebook ads…tell your mailing list…and then BAM. That could be your launch.

And as I mention in the video, keep it easy, take on only what you can execute with your current resources  (time and people) and can do well!

Once you’ve completed these three things, well, you’re ready to take on some more steps.

That’s why I’m hosting a webinar on August 11th at 10am PST and am soooo excited to invite you. 

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8 First Steps To Planning A Profitable & Stress-Free Launch

I’ll walk you through the first 10 steps to make sure you have a successful and stress-free launch, plus you’ll learn:

  • How to manage your expectations whether it’s your first launch or you’re a veteran launcher.
  • The simple way to find out what your audience wants, needs and will pay for.
  • The PERFECT communication strategy and plan for your launch.
  • The TOP FIVE SYSTEMS you need in place in your business before you open.
  • How to BEAT OVERWHELM and become a scheduling NINJA – (even if you hate sticking to deadlines and are pretty sure you couldn’t if you tried!)

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