Seems like everyone’s creating a course these days. Standing out the in crowd requires you to become a better teacher.

So, today’s episode we’re chatting with Jen Louden about her approach to teaching and how she’s created a program that dives deep into the topics of student engagement, the course creation process, and some hidden things that prevent people from sharing their goods in the first place.

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Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • The truth about getting people to learn

  • The one thing you should do every single time you start a course to get people engaged quickly

  • I ask Jen to expand on why less is more when you’re creating a class of any kind

  • How to make sure people remember what you’re trying to teach them

  • How to structure your course for different levels of people

  • The ideal process of creating a class

Show Notes:

Teach Now – Sign up to attend the free class with Jen – this isn’t just a free call it’s the first class in the Teach Now course, so don’t miss out.

Why you want to exclude people when you’re marketing your next course – guest post on the site.

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