(aka I know I should keep this to myself…consider yourself warned!)

Inspired by the idea of revealing more about myself – we’ll veer from the normal posts today.

Let’s have some fun.

Get a little goofy.

I decided to make a list of some slightly random things you probably don’t know about me.

It’s taken me a long time to get to this point where I’m comfortable being myself in what I write.  The more I do though…the more opportunities come to me, the more emails I get, the more connections I create.

Connections are the pathway of how your revolution will come to be. So, take this public declaration as a challenge to you to do the same asap.

Just so you aren’t expecting a resume of jobs or a dry account of my life, I give you this photo of myself cutting a birthday cake with a huge sword from Guild Wars the game – I think I got it while working for the game dev company.  At the time I was a heavy user of World of Warcraft or maybe it was Everquest at that point.


This is me.  I’m a bit of a freak.  Which leads very nicely into #1.

Without further adieu – enjoy 41 things you probably don’t need to know about me but you might find amusing…and I’m not apologising if you’re offended.

1. I have a weird fear of costumed people…Halloween, Santa Claus…you name it.  Beware if you are a person employed in this way – I’ve been known to say “get away from me you freak” on more than 1 occasion. I think I need to ask my mom if something happened when I was a child.

2. When I was recovering from the birth of my daughter and on Percocet I thought I saw an Ewok in my hospital room…and the walls were really buzzing.

3.  I used to read to my elementary school teachers instead of going to recess…wow, they musta really loved never having a break from little miss know it all.

4.  I am a spelling bee winner – made it to State finals and then choked on the word obituary. Can anyone guess how I tried to spell it? I sounded it out and went for it.

5. All of my jobs were at start up companies, new divisions of companies and for small businesses. I’ve worked in the trenches and seem some big wins and lots of big failures.

6.  I hate to say I hate something, but, well, I really hate it when people say unnecessary mean things against others and mean it…especially when that happens to me.  I don’t get that kind of mentality of intentionally hurting someone.  It’s cruel and I immediately think, karma dude, karma.

7.  On the other hand, I can find comedy in people, jobs, other cultures (especially the Russians) and you might overhear me and think I sound rude, but I’m laughing at the entire human race…mostly because we are all kind of hilarious and RIDICULOUS.

8.  I love shopping. ‘Nuff said.  Currently love Aritzia up here in the PSW.

9.  I love Apple products – I don’t need another macbook, but I am currently trying to come up with enough legit reasons I should buy a new one.

10.  My favorite tv shows are Dexter, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead…I’ll also watch American Idol every chance I get…and sometimes sneak a Biggest Loser episode.

11.  I’ve lived in big cities – east and west coast – Boston, LA, Seattle, and grew up in a small town with under 1000 people with a high school graduating class of 32 people.

12. I’ve worked in 3 different areas of the entertainment industry: tv/film production, documentary production, and visual effects.  This is where I learned to handle complex parts of any technical process and jumped into working online (with a totally different set of tools and processes) with no problem or learning curve.


13.  I sometimes work 7 days a week – and will get up on weekends to write for as long as Mila will let me and my husband forces me to go take a shower. I’m not proud of this fact.


14.  I love SEO and learning about it (not sure what that means? Google it – laugh at me if you wish!).

15.  I love learning – and when I get into a subject, I kind of lose myself a little by diving in deep.

16. Topics that got the dive deep treatment:  Panama (8), Hypnosis and Astral Projection (16), Sreenwriting (20s), Singing and Performing (20s), Pilates (now-ish), and Online Business (now-ish!).

17.  I have a really hard time relaxing, but I’m working on it!

18. If there was one thing I’d like to do but haven’t taken action on it’s decorating my home.

19. I like helping people figure out what they want to do – by breaking things down to a super simple list – I’m talking anyone who comes to me with a bit  of overwhelm and I’m on their list in 2 seconds flat.

20. I have a gift for seeing subtle changes in people’s silhouette, mood, and energy. This comes in handy a lot.

21.  I can count my true friends on 1 hand.

22.  It makes me sad that I can’t see my friends more than once or twice a year.

23.  Over the past 2 years I’ve written this blog – I’ve been wishing I could find a way to talk more about work and building a strong business, but was ashamed and worried and didn’t feel like I could.

24. Most interesting job I ever had? I read books to an author who had a serious degenerative eye disease (author’s name: Andrew Potok).  Most memorable read: biography of an Ethiopian King.

25.   If there was 1 thing I’d like to tell you it’s that you are not alone – I’m here and I’m actively looking for a way to show you how to have more of that life you always wanted.

26.  I’m a true optimist and often get called out on it in not so nice ways…

27. I love watching my daughter eat. It’s sick, but now I kind of understand the whole “Eat, Eaaaat” mentality many parents and grandparents have toward their children.  I just want her to eat!

28.  I’m a systems geek but I have trouble keeping myself in check…

29.  I’m always thinking of the psychology side of a problem — even when the best systems are in place, the mind doesn’t gel with them because of belief systems that might be out of wack.

30.  I stopped teaching pilates because I seemed to attract too many flakes and unreliable people as clients.  I loved them dearly but after I had a baby, it was impossible to accommodate and juggle babysitter, studio, and clients who didn’t think it was a problem to show up late and cancel.

31.  My favorite video game is World of Warcraft; though I’m currently knee deep in the latest Star Wars MMO.

32.  Even though I’m pale and never spend time tanning – I’m a sun lover at heart.  I prefer living in a sunny, bright environment.  The rain and grey weather gets to me quickly. (And yes…I just moved to Seattle. We’ll see how this goes!)

33.  I recorded my first single with Grammy award winning producer/arrangers who worked with Tori Amos, Tracey Chapman and Janet Jackson.

34. I’m a teacher at heart – I’ve taught african dance, pilates, flute, drama, how to install wordpress, how to use filemaker pro, how to write an ebook, and soon I’ll be teaching how to publish on Kindle.

35. My biggest work accomplishments to date all surround pulling an amazing team together and being the gel that gets everyone to do their best work for the end goal.

36.  I love books.  I love touching books, reading books, being around books.  My downfall with books is that I often don’t get to fully finish a book.  I used to feel bad about that, but now I don’t!

37.  I like to bake challah bread.  Yum.

38.  My favorite color is black and I’ve been ridiculed for it my whole life.

39.  I was an exchange student in Turkey for 5 months and it taught me the importance of family, spending time with the people you love and how to make kick ass baklava.

40.  What’s my biggest regret in life to date?  That I wasn’t as honest as I could have been in times when I was leaving situations.  I always wanted to NOT hurt people…and my silence and lack of disclosure ended hurting them anyways.  I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time making up for these errors when I was younger.

41.  My husband is a tough Russian guy who ALWAYS calls me out when I’m being whiny..and I do get whiny.  He deals with my mood swings and insane energy like a champ.  I credit his tough Siberian upbringing for this ability to deal with me!

So there you have it…in all my glory…I’m sure I could go on…but I know this is a long enough list as it is.  Thanks for getting all the way to the end as I opened up the closet and let my skeletons fall out.  Truthfully, this doesn’t even scratch the surface, but it’s all real and all me.

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Thanks to Corbett Barr for inspiring this post.  He issued a challenge at the end of his own tell-all post and I took it.

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