If you are currently launching something – this is for you. And if this is your first time launching – it’s REALLY for you.

First of all Congratulations! You did it!

You were scared, didn’t know what you didn’t know about launching. And yet you shipped. You made it happen.

Whether people responded or not – you went through the steps, juggled all the pieces and ended at the finish line a lot smarter.

Now you have a better understanding of the launch process.

Now you know how important leaking your launch is.

Now you get why people did or didn’t buy.

Now you have support – maybe even a few people you call your team.

Even if your launch was as simple as popping a few paypal buttons on a page and hitting publish, you feel pretty darn proud.

And you should!

Now … the big question is – are you ready to plan your next launch?

Your Second Time Out

The second time you put yourself and your business out to the world – you’ll feel a new kind of stress.  So – it’s important you start planning that even before your first launch wraps up completely.

I know it’s crazy. You are busy enough as it is right? Maybe even exhausted.

But even if you’re just brainstorming – it’s important to get some clear ideas out of your head and possibly into motion right now.

I’ll tell you why.

First of all – it’s important to use your momentum to plan that next thing before you come down from your launch – because that can happen fast.  So use what you got asap.

Secondly – once you know the what, when, and how – you can set things in motion much faster than the last one.

But that’s not all. Of course.

There are other reasons this second launch can throw you for a huge loop and why you need to get a jump on it before it jumps you.

Imagine this – you finish up your launch, take a week off and get a ton of great ideas for your next offer.

You can take this break. You deserve it.

You’ve been doing the hard work of finding out what your peeps struggle with and now have an ongoing supply of ideas on what to offer.

But sometime between your week off and that brainstorm session – something happens.

Something starts grinding in your gut.


What? Didn’t you go through this already? Didn’t you look fear in the face – and win? Didn’t you stand up to those excuses you’ve given yourself for months or years and finally learn how to launch?

Yep.  But welcome to the world of being an entrepreneur. And the secret no one wants to share.

Fear doesn’t go away.  It hangs out. It wants to be your buddy – skype with you – drink pomtinis until the sun comes up.

And you just have to deal with it – being an entrepreneur is taking action in the face of fear.

You’ll come up with a new idea – something simple that your current customers will want and yet – you will immediately doubt or question whether they actually want it from you.

Even when they’ve already bought once. Even when they tell you they get a lot of your training.  Even when you get emails from people wanting to partner with you. The doubt seeps in – taunting you a little.

  • You wonder – was my launch a fluke?
  • How can I possibly do this again?
  • What if it doesn’t work again?
  • What if I’m kind of a sham and don’t know it?

And the fear sets in harder than it did the first time you launched something.

No longer a launch virgin. No longer a total “newb”. You still wonder if it’s possible, when you’ve already proven to yourself and others that it is.

I’ve been there, I know it well.

Let me tell you a story (don’t worry – there is a happy ending on this one):

See, last February I launched Fearless Launching – a program for first time launchers.  And officially my own FIRST.  The program was priced low – and I gave so much to the participants I wasn’t sure I could give that much again.

But the response that first time out was amazing.  It helped me become confident, start operating in a new, confident, sure way.

All of a sudden I was taking action, not just making plans or filling my schedule with activities that would be deleted in shame later.

Just as Fearless Launching was finishing up – I decided to make an offer to the members.

Take your launch training a step further. Sign up for a Launch Lab 3 month coaching program.

I wrote an email – with the details, the price, and the call to take action.

It sat in my drafts folder for 3 days.

Then – finally I broke the standoff and hit send. And said – oh well, here we go!
Mind you – there was a feeling of panic and I even recall bullying myself a little – “Now we’ll see how you really did. Let’s see how connected you really are. You aren’t that special. Watch.”

By the end of the day all but 2 spots in the small coaching group were filled.

The next day all were filled and I even brought in  2 additional people.

Done and done.

2 emails later – I had filled my first coaching program. What. The. Funk.


I eyed my computer suspiciously and looked around for hidden cameras.

But then – I giggled and jumped up and down a little.

I had made it past the dreaded second time out.

Take the pressure off

If there’s one thing that got me through the process of launching – one, two, three, four times… it’s that the pressure you feel is created by yourself.

I’m one of those people who put pressure on myself for the smallest things. I love making up the story about how “this” action is going to make or break me.  Or – how there’s a roomful of successful entrepreneurs watching my launch and business unfold – laughing at me and thinking – “ohhh Annnnne… such a silly misguided little tool.”

Yes – I torture myself in the most bizarre ways.  But now I keep myself in check and continually remind myself that I matter. Period.

And – I remind myself of these really simple truths about my business, about the stress I feel, about the work I do and don’t do…

You can stop this anytime.
You aren’t racing against a real clock.
You make the rules.
You decide when it’s time to do another launch.
You decide how big or small it’s going to be.
Other people’s judgement means nothing until you let it.
You do not need to be part of some elite crew to provide value.
You do not need to prove anything to anyone.
You can go shopping right now if you choose.
And so what if it doesn’t happen on time.

Spoiler Alert: 3 Reasons to start thinking about your 2nd launch right now

1. Business is about momentum and flow.  Use it or lose it.

That’s why using the momentum of your current launch is the best way to make sure your next one happens. Take action to keep the flow going.

2. Facing fear is now part of your job responsibility as an entrepreneur.  Deal with it.

Launching the first time gave you the confidence and knowledge to launch, but the 2nd time gives you the courage to create your own framework and process.

3. People are waiting. Yes believe it.

If you did your job well during the first launch, people are waiting for the next one. Give ‘em what they want. Don’t let that pressure you, but know that there are people waiting to learn what you can teach them.


I’d love to hear from you if you are just about to kick off your second online launch or just finished your first one!  Leave a comment below answering this one question: What’s been the biggest lesson learned from your first launch and do you feel prepared to do it again?