Question: can you launch a course or coaching program without doing some list building first?

Is it possible to launch if your list is under the coveted 1,000 subscriber mark? What about under 500 subscribers or less?

Or are you stepping onto an empty stage in an even emptier auditorium?

Today – I’ll keep it short and simple – and get straight to the answer.

Yes, you can launch with a small list.

But launching to a small list – does come with a price and takes some effort and a refocusing of your overall launch goals. So, before you completely skip list building, keep reading.

Small List Often Equals Small Launch

Launching is a numbers game. So, the only thing you need to understand, be aware of and accept is – with fewer eyes on your launch, you’ll have fewer sales.

I mean, it makes sense right? Fewer people seeing your offer – means fewer people buying your offer.

But if you’re offer is a higher priced coaching or service package, you don’t need to reach quite as many people.

What To Focus on as You’re Building Your List

Launching in itself is an amazing opportunity to do more than just launch.

Consider launching with a small list with a slightly different focus:

1. Focus on Other Metrics.

Adjust your launch goals to be about list building! Launching is a great way to grow your audience by creating an event around a step in your business.  You naturally find new people interested in what you’re doing. Make the list building paramount – and focus on connecting with the right people first.

2. Keep Your Launch Simple.

If you have a small list – structure your launch and prelaunch content with emails, blog posts, social media, and friends spreading the word. Keep it simple. Straightforward. Some people do the email broadcast strategy even when they’ve grown their list bigger. It feels more personal, thoughtful, and can be really effective!

3. Know How Many People You Need To Reach.

Calculate what 3% of your current subscribers/audience/list is to find out what goal you should expect or shoot for. 200 people on your list? Maybe you can shoot for getting 6 people to sign up for what you’re offering.  I know it may feel like shooting low, but being realistic wins out in my book – and sets you up to exceed your expectations.

Other People’s Opinions About List Building

People will discourage you from launching before you have a strong or big following.

But the only thing you should be discouraged from is having unrealistic expectations.

Launching is important for all those things related to building your business.

  • You grow your list + get some notice for what you teach
  • You gain confidence for shipping a project
  • You finally see your business act like a business – and that is an awesome feeling!

Final Words

Launch before you have the big list, but start today list building. Before you have TON of eyes on you, but be realistic, know what you can achieve with your current numbers, calculate and set goals you’re likely to achieve.

Get good at knowing your numbers and not being worried that you’re doing it wrong.

Want to grow your list as you put together an amazing, but simple to pull off launch? Get on the list for my program Fearless Launching.