Are You A Productivity Hot Mess?

I’m not talking in trouble with the law, celebrity facing jailtime hot mess…or chick in a bar falling off a bar stool hot mess… I’m talking about that ever elusive, hard to spot person who thinks they have it all together and sometimes even call themselves proactive (oooh! sassy!) …maybe it’s you.You get things done, but not the stuff that makes you say, “wahoo! I did it!” You cross off your to do list even when something isn’t finished…what’s that about?  You walk through your day like a robot sometimes, not really stopping to ask if you are doing the most important or crucial tasks.  You run around feeling really busy and have a to do list that gets a lot crossed off…but deep inside you know you’re not doing the right stuff.

It gets worse though…you put priority on all the things that you hate doing…because you just gotta get them done. So, your days are filled with low leverage tasks that drain your energy and feel like crap from sun up to sundown.

It’s possible you are the worst of the worst — someone who thinks they are productive, but you’re only really busy.

And Productivity does not have to feel like this…

The only way to know for sure if you’ve gone from hot to trot to hot mess is to ask yourself these 6 “simple” questions.

Bear with me here on this list…I started writing it while I was working on my upcoming series.  If I shared every question I thought of this post would be ridiculous and overwhelming (which totally negates the point of me teaching you how to simplify your life & business!), so I figured I’d stick with a nice easy to handle number like 6 to share with you.

Time To Find Out If You Are Hot Or Not!

If you can honestly say yes to all of these and apply the answers to the important parts of your life and business, then you are what I like to call a Highly Productive Hottie.

  1. When you are presented with a game-changing idea for your life and/or business, do you implement that idea as quickly as humanly possible?
  2. When you create a plan of action, do you take immediate decisive action to your goal or do you wait until you are absolutely sure that it’s the right move?
  3. Do you look at the systems & strategies used by high performing people & experts, and come up with a plan to replicate what they do?
  4. Do you make clear decisions and then follow through on that action?
  5. Do you schedule all of your important activities in a calendar or planner?
  6. Do you take time to look at the bigger picture of your life or business and then make corrections on the day to day as you see areas that need improvement?

How did you do? If you give anything less than a yes (i.e. a maybe, I don’t know, no…or a scratch on the head?), you might want to take an objective look at yourself, your habits, and the patterns that have become part of how you live your life.

Before you start feeling bad about yourself for answering no to any of these questions…remember this: No one is perfect. No one is so ultra productive that they take action 100% of the time.  We are human.  We like to do random, unnecessary sh*t sometimes!

That’s the beauty of life!

Being a mess isn’t always a bad thing, as long as you are aware of your challenges and are always striving to be less of a mess.

Keep these questions on a post-it or piece of paper close to you or on a bulletin board  for the next few weeks to do a thorough analysis. Often how we handle one area of our life is how every thing gets handled.  So, if you pay your bills late, don’t keep good records, and feel a bit of anxiety about the whole “money thing”, chances are there’s at least one other area of your life that’s also taking a hit.  Try to find it.

Okay, it’s time to start your detective work…

Right click here to download your “Am I A Productivity Hot Mess?” worksheet

Download the worksheet, leave a comment below and you’ll have yourself on the road to productivity hotness in no time.