You’re preparing for a launch…

If you plan on hiring a team or already have one…here’s my question to you today (and I’ve asked this before…) are they as ready as you are to make it happen?

If you can’t say yes or you simply ASSUME they are…it’s your responsibility to train them, to get them ready.

So, if you have a team, a VA, a project manager, maybe even just someone answering emails, then this episode will help you ensure your team has your back during your next launch.

Let’s dive in by first playing detective and asking some questions…

Are They Ready Or Not?

So, your first step is to simply figure out where your team stands. Are they actually ready to support the launch or are things going to fall apart the second 2 emails from potential customers hit your inbox?

Start by just asking questions about your team…pretty basic ones, like:

Do they understand their jobs–as individuals and also how their work impacts the launch?

Do they understand what’s expected of them?

If you’re going to need people to above and beyond and be proactive, it’s important not to leave that to chance but to make them back-ups/helpers as their secondary role.

Are they concerned with too many hours or being compensated? Have the getting paid discussion in advance.

If you’re hiring new people just for the launch, structure their payment in a way that focuses on outcome. That way, they understand when you ask people to be available doesn’t mean you have to DO stuff.. SOMETIMES coverage is more important that hours spent doing active work.

Are they able to do their jobs alone? Or do they need constant supervision?

If people need constant check ups, you’ll go crazy trying to remind people (like a mom would a toddler), did you brush your teeth? Did you do your homework?

Do they know how to communicate and why it’s so important to over-do this during a launch?

My Personal Rules For Pulling Together An Amazing Launch Team

Now that you’ve done some digging, here are a few other recommendations especially to those of you who are hiring NEW people. Listen to the episode for in depth description of each item!

  1. Hire early (much earlier).
  2. Create an amazing onboarding experience for each new hire.
  3. Meet with them on Skype before they get started working!
  4. Get references!
  5. Aim to stay connected but NOT be a micromanager.
  6. Have a backup plan.
  7. Like others have said, don’t just hire for the job…think about what your business needs and how they might fit into that. Not a free for all – but you need people with a strong primary skill and secondary skills that can be developed.
  8. ….go listen to this week’s peaceful rant about training your team.

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