Heads up!

The next quarter is approaching fast and it seems like so many entrepreneurs (me included) are spending time right now dreaming, setting goals, making plans, and how you want your biz to grow.

If you haven’t launched your business, a product, or some new service, you want to make it happen. If you are ready to create something new, you want THAT to happen.

You know that launching will lead you to more consistent income in your business…and that’s something we can all stand behind. Stability kinda rocks, right?

How many of us talk about launching something, but never quite reach “opening day” or do so with mixed results?

I’ve been there…and I’m sure you have too…

So, we’re buying planners, calendars, dry erase boards, markers, all in the name of deciding what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it.

But…there’s a good chance you filled out your planner for THIS year and you still didn’t reach some of your goals or maybe even completely forgot about launches you wanted to do earlier.

With all those missed targets, the stability you were after may have escaped you even more than last year!

So should we stop planning?

No. Planning is often the missing piece in launches that don’t do well or nearly as well as we expect them to do. Believe me, I know this…

And also…despite this struggle to decide what to do when, some people do check everything off every single item in their plan, get amazing results, and maybe even accomplish more than they expected.

It’s like they made the perfect map for themselves. Yes, they launched.

They were able to plot out the year in a realistic way that was almost easy for them to execute and make the consistent revenue they wanted.

So what’s the secret – what’s the reason some people launch and some people don’t?

Let me tell you about a friend of mine and past client, Jenny, an online entrepreneur, serial launcher who lives in Los Angeles. For years she just wanted a successful business—a mix of one on one and group coaching, but always felt like she was struggling to come up with different promotions, often last minute.

She spent the end of the year just like the rest of us, ready to plan things out for the new year, ready to launch in a more organized way, ready to put all her ideas in motion.

She even sat down in the middle of her living room floor with her planners (I won’t tell you which, because it doesn’t matter), post its, and markers…

She didn’t want the new year to be like last year…missed targets, unrealized goals, projects that never saw the light of day. Jenny wanted #plannerpeace.

But the secret is that Jenny had started paying attention to some new voices online — ones that talked about using planners in a way that would help her avoid launch exhaustion by mapping out the general launch flow of your entire year. And she planned out her next 12-months according to the launches she wanted to do, the big, the small, the ones that would be more work, the ones that would be easy to repeat.

And, now nearing the end of this year, she can’t believe that she’s actually completed everything on that map.

The steps she took to create that map can be applied by anyone who wants to launch products or services of any kind.

In fact, helping people with all sorts of business to create this map is what I live for…and I’ve been fortunate enough to coach people like Jenny in all sorts of businesses—in different industries, with different audience sizes, different budgets, and have seen amazing results. Starting with the map, she has seen some of the following happen—

  • Doubling revenue by making a few KEY changes to what she was offering
  • Growing her list even when she wasn’t launching
  • Stopping the feast or famine struggle with signing new clients
  • Killing overwhelm and shiny object syndrome by finally having focus (probably her biggest hurdle)

I know you hear people talking about new strategies to increase traffic, sales, to improve all those pieces of your business. I get that you want to believe that they alone will change everything for you. (We all want that change!)

But I’m wondering – do you know how you’re going to implement all these strategies?

Strategy without planning & preparation…is worthless. There I said it.

So, why am I talking about this today?

Well, I’m so committed to helping you to map out your launches for the next 12 months that I created a special course bundle

Here are the questions you’ll get answered in this special bundle:

  • What should you launch over the next 12 months and when?
  • What should you shelve for later in the year or completely remove from your launch docket?
  • Should you support anyone else’s launches during the year and when?
  • Who’s going to be helping you support my launches and when?
  • What if you want to launch something completely new? When do you start working on it?

If you could use a little help making your next launch plans, all you have to do is click here.

One more thing

I’m curious – have you ever mapped out your launches for a year–or even for the next quarter. If so, let me know what happened? Were you able to stick to the plan? Did you punish yourself if you didn’t stick to it? Let me know!

If you or someone you know could use a guide for the new year…a plan that doesn’t necessarily lock them in but keeps them headed in the right direction, you don’t want to miss this.

You can read all the details about the class right here.