I know you want to grow that list. We all want and must grow our lists – in order to have a people to “sell” to – people who listen, care, and learn from us! Who doesn’t.

More people means more eyes seeing what you’re up to, more lives you can impact, and maybe a little more pride + confidence in what you’re doing.

But there’s a myth and misconception that I’m tired of and here it is:  You aren’t a real biz until you’ve got a big list.

Let’s wash that BS down the drain right now.

Read this post if you want at least 1 piece of proof.

You can support your fledgling biz on less than 1000 subscribers. It is possible.

And in addition to being able to make money for your business – it’s also easier to do what you need to do right now – because the number is manageable.

How to make the most of your scrappy small list

So – you’ve got a small list.

I say – sooo what!

Look at this as a benefit right now as you start your business or make the decision to launch your first product.

Here are some simple tips to engage like a mofo and get to know each and everyone of the people on your list…

Before you get started – let me repeat that your goal here is to engage as much with your current list of people and find out if what they want to learn or what they need is aligned with what you want to teach and/or give to them.

Talk to them everywhere

If you get an email, respond to it, ask them questions, tell them you are putting together something FOR them. Tell them you’re in biz.

Get Alerted

Set up google alerts to hear other people talking about your topics or mention you in anyway anywhere.  I have alerts set up for virtual team, launching, and my own name and website.

Be A Joiner

Join groups of people who are likely talking about your topic – on Linked In and Facebook.

Group People Together

Start Twitter lists related to your topic – and follow people you know routinely share information or are leaders in your market/industry… or there’s some crossover with what you offer.

Don’t ignore anyone.

Make a system of recording questions people ask and categorize them (you’ll need these for blog posts, product creation, and to know what your peeps want!)

What this will result in…

I know from experience that all this listening, loving, and attention leads directly to sales.

One tip from Derek Halpern – which seems simple (almost too simple) is adding a “what are you struggling with” question to the first autoresponder email out to new subscribers.

That ONE email – has allowed me to connect with my subscribers – find out more about the people who are interested in what I talk about, but that’s not all.

Simply by responding, showing a little genuine caring and support back to people from this email has led directly to sales.

This happened when my list was under the 1k subscribers mark!

Just try it – pay attention to what people are saying, respond to them, be kind, and always thank people for responding the question/blog post/whatever.  

Thank people for coming to your party.

Want more advice on how to engage, interact and grow your list by my PAY ATTENTION TO PEOPLE “strategy”?

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It’s All On You

Do you spend time every single day returning emails, scanning groups for people to help, and generally interacting with people who could be potential clients, customers, and heck – FRIENDS?

Leave a comment below and let me know…