How to Keep Moving Through Change

We're all so dang busy these days.  Work, career, kids, family, relationships, birthdays, weddings, events, more work, more family…and on and on.  What can you do when something changes your already somewhat loaded life? How do lighten up but still get your life back to feeling effortless? How can you stay on track with all those healthy habits you've worked so hard to establish?

Earlier this week, my friend and celebrity trainer Valerie Waters took time out of her own crazy busy schedule to share some of her secrets with me on this topic.

Stick around to the end when she gives some details on her upcoming Red Carpet Ready Live event!

Check out the video:

If you live in the Los Angeles area or coming in for a visit…check out the line up for this event.  Not only will you walk away with some much needed star treatment, you'll also learn the celebrity secrets from some of the top fitness and beauty experts!


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