Do you feel like you're being held hostage by your web designer?

You send off your pride and joy site to someone, they design something that you love…but then 2 months later you try to add something and you're forced to call your designer for a change you could probably change yourself – and avoid the $$ charge!

Amanda Aiken is a girl after my own heart. She's all about nurturing the DIY spirit in women starting businesses online.

While I do believe it's important to delegate, get support, and not do everything yourself…I am a huge fan of learning everything you can about running your business – simply because it makes you a more informed person and you don't have to rely on anyone whenthe going gets tough.

Recently, I sat down with Amanda to find out how she approached launching her flagship program –  The Girls Guide to Web Design.

Giggler warning – I am a giggler. But if you can get past that – you'll hear the TRUTH about launching, relaunching and how your perception of success might change as you learn how to launch.

If want to learn more about Amanda – or check out her program head over to her site now:  The Girls Guide To Web Design (not affiliate link).  You will love her style – so down to earth, smart, and you will love learning how to do more things in your business on your own – without becoming a bottleneck or breaking a sweat!

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If you are one with the DIY spirit and taking control of your business. Then, leave a comment below sharing your biggest takeaway from today's interview.

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