I recently closed my launch of Fearless Launching…and during the last few days I considered an alternate to having the set cart close date.

While I did stick to my plan, closed the cart, and reminded people that it was closing…the thought reminded me I’d actually written about the topic on the blog…but it had BEEN AWHILE.

So, today’s episode, I’m sharing my updated insights on whether you should close or stay open…and how to decide which is right for your business or product.

The answer might surprise you.

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You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of having a hard close date
  • The benefits of keeping the doors open
  • Why having a mix of products that close or stay open could be the best thing to do for your business.
  • How to know what is right for your audience

Resources Mentioned (& some extras)

Fearless Launching – my signature program open for a limited time.

Ask the Reader – Should You Close Your Launch? (my inspiration for this episode!)

Fearless Launching – my daily launch to do list delivered straight to your inbox

Ask Your Community – What you should do to decide how you want to “close” your launch

Things To Remember

There is no right answer when it comes to making this specific decision about your launch schedule. There are benefits to having an open/shut launch and one that opens and stays open.

Deciding means you have to know your customer, how and when they like to buy, and what motivates them to make their buying decision.

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Free Resources!

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