How Do You Say What You Do?

A little Thursday inspiration – this is a good one – especially if you're just starting your business… get used to telling people what you do because they will ask!

Ever been at a BBQ, party, or other social gathering and been asked the question, “What do you do?”

Of course you have – we’ve all been there.

These moments have routinely been gut-wrenching for me.  Why? Because what I do never seems to make sense to people – because it's the run of the mill job. And through the years, my story and focus has evolved.

Even when you’ve got your spiel down it’s probably some watered down – not very interesting version of the real magic you bring to the world (or your job at least!).

We tend to tell people in words we think they will understand – what we do. We can’t bear seeing people’s faces not get it when we tell them what it is we do – and we just get a stunned or blank, “Huh?”

So – we create these complex or over simplified versions of ourselves to either – impress people, make ourselves feel more important, or sound as un-loserish as possible.

None of this is good behavior.  

It wears on our soul and we end up feeling worse because we didn’t own who we are, what we offer to the world, and what we do.

So, when Danielle LaPorte posed this Burning Question about how you say what you do…I couldn’t resist diving in, walking the plank and owning what I do…without my normal fear and hesitation.

So no apologies on this one.

Time to dive into the vortex with me and let’s find out – what Anne does.

It goes something like this…

I breakdown ideas and then build them into practical actions.

I turn ideas into action. I give you ideas that you turn into action.

I guide women entrepreneurs to move beyond their own limitations.

I remove limits by suggesting what’s possible.

I show women how to lighten their life – not so they can fit more in, but so they can enjoy and be weightless.

I provide practical planning for visionaries and trailblazers.

I’m a business and passion instigator.

Ok…enough of the poetry, Anne… what is that you do?

I help overwhelmed and ambitious entrepreneurs break their complex ideas into easily actionable ACTIONS. I teach how to simplify and un-complicate your projects, businesses, and lives, by making more space for what matters–YOU.

‘nuff said.

Monumental thanks to Danielle LaPorte for all the fuel and inspiration.

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And if you're ready to give your self some credit – get over to Danielle's site now and answer the Burning Question yourself.