I am so excited to share with you the news that Fearless Launching has opened its doors for the first session of 2016!

I launched this program for the very first time back in 2012 and I’m so honored that I get to keep doing this, teaching this, helping overwhelmed, stuck, and new business owners how to launch their thang online!

So, if you’ve ever felt like you have no idea where to start, what to do to launch your products and services, just want to make consistent income, understand that launches are something you need to get handled, have followed other done for you systems that didn’t work, and just want to feel like you’re making progress in your business…

Well, that’s exactly what Fearless Launching is all about.

I don’t normally spend a ton of time in blog posts talking about the program, but today is different, because I’m doing things different!

Just want someone to tell you what to do sometimes? You’ll find module one gives you the whole launch process right up front. Now, I’ll encourage you to revise and add to this process as it suits your products, business and audience, but you’ll start with a solid roadmap for launching pretty much anything online. Plus, one of the bonuses is actually my “do this, now do that” Launch Walkthrough email prompt course. How cool! You get to have me in your back pocket or inbox every single day leading your to your launch.

No product yet or an idea you’re really unsure of? If you’re already asking questions like this, great. That’s where it starts. Is there a way to make sure your product and online offers are solid before they go out the door? One big misconception about when to start working on a launch is that you have do it when the product or idea is totally solid. But the launch should actually be part of the product creation process…and even before that when you’re getting to know your customers. No more – “I’m not ready to launch.”

No tech experience? One of the biggest misconceptions is that a tool is going to make your launch a success. It’s the system that will support the success of your launch, that’s why we go over the primary systems your launch needs and the simplest tools to make them happen. You also have a full community of resources–people who’ve been through the tech, are experts themselves who often lend a helping hand to fellow Fearless Launchers.

Need help planning out your launch? Beyond creating a complete to do list and knowing what you have to DO for the launch is the scheduling. We have one full module talking about planning, scheduling, and how to plan for the worst even when things appear easy to do. I’ll show you the scheduling tricks that made it possible for me to actually pull off this launch in January…and I wasn’t working 6 months in advance. There is an art to planning out a launch, knowing what has to get done and when…and this is my personal sweet spot that I’m more than happy to share with you!

Here’s some of the work we’ll do together inside the Fearless Launching community:

  • Create a complete launch plan
  • Turn that plan into a realistic launch schedule
  • Set up all the technical systems required for your launch.
  • Create all marketing materials for your launch – including emails, web copy, optin page, sales page and other content.
  • Find the partners and team members you’ll need to support your launch.
  • Set up your payment system and email marketing system.

And because I know some of you are like – well, what do I get – make sure to…

Read all the details here

When you join the Pro Level during this week, we’ve got some additional incentives and gifts for you.

Fast Decision Bonus of $100 off your enrollment. No coupon needed. I always like to offer an incentive to people who are ready to commit to themselves and their business. Plus, I know how I like to conscious of my budget and getting the most I can out of an experience! This bonus will only be available through Sunday, January 31st at 10pm PST, so consider enrolling before then to take advantage of this discount.

Quickstart Guide and Audio Training. I am so excited to be able to offer you some pre-training to get you ready for class. The audio training covers 5 things I’m going to bring up over and over again–mindset, productivity, and business rituals that will help you get to your launch.

Special “make it to your launch” bonuses. I’ve secured 4 different products that you get to choose from as graduation gifts–Instagram with Intention, Charmed DSLR Style Photography Course,  2 months of Edgar, or 3 months of Leadpages. These are gifts I’m purchasing for you! You get to pick 1 class and 1 tool.

Why did I choose these specific products to give as gifts to you? Simple. They are business owners I do business with and products I use regularly.

If you enroll in the Pro Level of Fearless Launching, you’ll get to choose your graduation gifts and benefit from them as I have.

So, if you are struggling with any of these questions:

  • What should I launch first?
  • How long do things take and what do I do first?
  • How do I write my launch emails? What comes first?
  • What pieces should be in place before you breathe a word of the launch to anyone?
  • How do I find out if people want what I’m launching?
  • Eek! No one is clicking on my offer, what do I do?
  • What tools do I need and which ones can I skip?
  • How often should I post about my launch on social media?
  • Do I need a merchant account? Can I use paypal?
  • Do I really need to keep tabs on conversion rates and traffic during my first launch?
  • What’s the deal with SEO – will it help my launch?
  • How do I make a launch schedule?
  • Who do I need to hire to help me on my launch?
  • Do I need an affiliate program?
  • How many launch emails do I have to send?
  • Who should I send emails to?
  • How many guest posts do I need to do before my launch?
  • How big should my list be before I launch?

Then, Fearless Launching is perfect for you and will get you the answers to your questions, give you the support and push to keep moving forward, and show you how to be thinking of the launch even when you’re not launching!

But if after this long email you’ve still got questions, don’t suffer in silence… you’ve got two ways to get crystal clear and know for sure if you are right for Fearless Launching.

  1. Attend our next live webinar on Friday, January 29th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST. We’ll be talking about how to improve your sales the next time launch as well as helping you answer the “am I ready to launch?” question. Click here to sign up for the live class & replay.
  2. Leave a comment below with your question.
  3. Join the Fearless Launching Lounge and ask your question there!

No matter what method you choose to ask your question, I’ll make sure you get a personal answer from me!

So looking forward to seeing you inside the community.