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2017 is the year of connection and relationships.

Potential clients now expect you to not only know who they are but also that you care about them and what they're biggest struggles are. (of course, it goes without saying you should absolutely care about your audience).

Because of this – it’s no longer acceptable for them to be a number on your email list (or feel like they are). People want more and they won’t settle for second best or being treated as if they are.

Now as Fearless Launchers, I know you’re already well aware of the value of connection and relationships – thanks to Anne for teaching us that – but I want to make these two normally vague concepts easier for you.

So if you haven’t already, say hello to Facebook Live, the perfect accompaniment to your launch and a simple way for you to engage, connect, communicate and get to know your audience (and for them to get to know you).

Why Facebook Live? Keep reading.

Facebook Live Launch

Why Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is incredibly versatile in terms of the number of opportunities it presents to business owners but first, let’s look at the benefits of incorporating it into your launch:

#1 No Barrier To Entry

How often do you hear others or even yourself complain that Facebook has become a pay to play platform? That organic reach is dead? That only players with big budgets can compete?

Well, it’s time to celebrate because Facebook has given you an amazing gift. Facebook Live is free to use on your personal profile, business page and in groups.

It provides you with the opportunity to spread your message, strengthen relationships with potential clients and increase your sales.

Better still, the ability to go live in groups that you don’t own (providing the group rules allow it) means that you can leverage other people’s tribes to build your audience and subscriber list.

Did I mention this is all for free?

#2 Facebook Is Supportive

If you’ve been listening to Mark Zuckerberg any time recently you will have heard he is all in favour of video and livestreaming. In fact, he actually said:

“We’re entering this new golden age of video. I wouldn’t be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video.”

Facebook updated their algorithm in March 2016 to prioritise Facebook Lives and post-live recordings in the newsfeed.

This means that compared with other post types – text, text and image, uploaded video – you’ll have 10x the average organic reach plus a greater opportunity to be noticed and heard by your followers.

#3 Increased Touch Points

Depending on which sales theory you read, you’ll be advised that on average it takes between 5-13 contacts, or touch points, with a prospect before they will buy from you.

While this will differ from business to business, it’s best to be conservative and incorporate more opportunities for contact and more offers into your online marketing rather than less.

Where previously you may have incorporated online methods such as blog posts, social media marketing, email marketing and video, you can now add Facebook Live to the mix.

You have another option for meeting your ideal clients where they are and getting your message across.

In fact, Facebook Live videos are three times more likely to be viewed compared with uploaded videos so you will absolutely be maximizing your relationship building.

#4 Accelerate Know, Like, Trust

Did you know that only 7% of our communication is verbal?

The other 93% of communication is made up of body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%).

So while written and audio content are valuable, they can’t compete with live streaming for quality and ease of communication. They cannot provide the context and understanding that Facebook Live can.

Does this mean everyone who joins one of your Facebook Lives will know, like and trust you?

Of course not.

But for those who do identify with your message – regardless of where they first came into contact with you – the extra context plus the ability to engage and have their questions answered on the spot will enable them to make an informed decision on whether you and your offers are the right fit for their needs.

Know, like and trust development will be accelerated meaning faster sales.

#5 Ability to Re-purpose

Once you’ve completed your Facebook Live it’s time to get the greatest possible rewards for time invested. This means leverage, leverage, leverage.

How can you do this?

You can reuse the topic of your Facebook Live with another audience. Say the topic was well received and generated sales on your Facebook page, why not repeat the Facebook Live over a number of days in Facebook Groups containing your ideal clients?

You can download the original recording and upload it to your YouTube channel; embed the recording in your website with a transcript; or even remove the recording from Facebook once you’ve saved it elsewhere and turn it into your freebie.

And let’s not forget the opportunity to share video snippets or quotes from the recording on social media.

Now – let's talk about taking action.

3 Simple Ways To Incorporate Facebook Live Into Your Launch

Are you convinced you need Facebook Live as part of your launch? Yes?

Here are three easy ways you can put this fabulous Facebook functionality to work:

#1 Launch Your Freebie

Just as you launch a paid offer, you can do the same for your opt in incentive. Go live and tell your audience why they should be signing up for access. Share the specific benefits of your opt in.

For example, as part of my list building I have a freebie called ‘15 Simple Facebook Live Topics To Boost Your List Growth And Sales.’

I regularly go live in a number of Facebook groups and direct viewers to the landing page to subscribe. There is a spike in new subscribers each time.

#2 Create An Education Series

Instead of the traditional three video launch series hosted on LeadPages, why not promote a Facebook Live education series within your Facebook group?

This gives you a much greater opportunity to interact with your audience, answer their questions in real time and address their objections to investing in your offer.

You’ll want to make sure access to the group (and the Facebook Live series) is available via subscribing to your email list only.

This way, even if subscribers don’t invest during this launch round, you have the opportunity to continue building your relationship ready for next launch.

Alex Tooby created a four part series to promote her Infamous to Influential Instagram course within her Facebook group.

The series covered:

  • Gaining and retaining high quality followers
  • Creating content that inspires your followers to like, comment and buy
  • Converting your followers into paying customers
  • Q&A on Infamous to Influential

The result was Alex’s first six-figure launch.

#3 Interview a Past Course Participant

How many times have you seen blog post interviews with past course participants?

These interviews are a form of social proof and are proven to increase sales.

Now with Facebook Live you can take them one step further, collecting and broadcasting your social proof at once.

Using BeLive you can share the screen with your client or past course participants and interview them regarding their experience and results.

Your audience can ask questions of your interviewee meaning any objections to investing in your offer that you haven’t thought of can be raised and addressed immediately.

You can then address those newly identified objections in other launch content as well.

Your Next Steps

You know the benefits of Facebook Live. It’s time to put your learning into action.

In the comments I’d love you to share how you plan to incorporate Facebook Live into your next launch. Will you use it throughout your launch timeline or during a particular phase?

Want even more ideas on how to leverage Facebook Live for your business? Grab your free copy of 15 Facebook Live Topics To Boost Your List Growth and Sales.

Caylie Price is the owner of Better Business Better Life and creator of 15 Facebook Live Topics To Boost Your List Growth And Sales. She teaches you how to bring tonnes of clients into your businesses and actually be profitable, without throwing yourself under the