You work 12 hour days plus a day job. You laugh when the tax lady says, what % of your house do you use for work…and you think…wow, all I do is work. You’re not making any headway – though people tell you you’re going to explode any second now.

You’re tired.

These are just a few signs that you need to find some help with your business.

Entrepreneurs lead a tough life. Even when we love what we’re doing, it seems like we’re always doing something – with no end to the big to do list in the sky. There’s always something else to improve, another idea to develop, and another blog post to write.

Let’s get to the core of the problem, shall we?

You need help.

And if you don’t believe me… ask yourself these three questions and consider what it’s doing to your business NOT to find help.

Are you the bottleneck?

Look at all the little things you want to do – that you’ve started and be honest – ask yourself – are you the reason it’s not getting done?

Whether it’s because you aren’t great at the task or you haven’t taken the time to do it – get tough on yourself and take responsibility right now.

If it’s a priority and you still aren’t doing it – that’s all on you.

Here are 3 questions to consider as you decide if you need help and what help you need!

Do you ignore the 15 Minute Rule?

If you struggle more than 15 minutes to start or figure out how to do a task, it’s better to find someone else to do it.

My husband shared this tip with me – as an actual system they had in place at Sony where he used to work.  Digital artists have a bad habit of not specializing…and knowing how to do a little bit of everything.  But usually – they have a genius zone where they work fast, efficiently and produce amazing work.  The second they step outside that zone, work takes longer and isn’t done as well as if they’d just allowed the correct “genius” to work on it!

You need to do that too.

Start a list and every time you start a new project, put any item that seems to take you longer than 15 minutes to get it going.

Is this your second job?

When you’re first starting out – and maybe even now – you are very DIY. You tweak your website, load your blog posts, write and schedule social media posts for the week, do the busy work of keeping your business “running”.

But all you’ve done really is assign yourself a few visible tasks of your business that make you feel like you’re progressing.

List out all the things that need to be done in your business — include all the busy work, but add in some more important things like — new promotions, new product launches, ways for your business to make money!

Break everything out into smaller tasks – and then ask yourself… can you devote the start of your day to those high level things like – networking, writing your marketing plan for the year, coming up with a new promotion or idea for free webinar or other free content?

Can I afford help?

If you think you can’t afford help – then here’s my suggestion:

1. Put an ad onUpwork for 1 of the roles you need to fill.  You will be surprised the range of fees people charge – and funny thing – people who work in their genius zone get things done much faster than you would if you tried to do it.

2. Only hire for specific projects – not on an ongoing basis.  Try to stick with the same people, but only hire them when you have a specific beginning/end project.

3.  Check out and do a search for what you need to get done.  Lots of professionals on this site can help you with a range of tasks from social media to graphic design and editing.

4. Consider hiring an intern – even if you don’t have a local college to pull from, put a listing at colleges/universities – and maybe even try Craigslist.  I’ve used both of these to find amazing interns…that later turned into employees.  Make sure you can offer them some value in addition to the experience – share all your training programs with them, pay a small monthly stipend.

Do you still need help deciding if you need a team and exactly how you’re going to get one?

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