The last few months have been ones of big realizations…at work and on the home front.

The one over-riding white space principle that I want to share (and remind you of) is that you can have everything you want, but you probably need some support to get it!  I’ve been reminded of this fact over and over again throughout the past several years…and I totally agree with it, but it’s been hard for me to actually implement into my life.

I’m very much the, “I don’t need your help. I can do it” type personality. So, relinquishing even a bit of control is difficult.  I know first hand how hard it might be for you to do the same.

A few days ago we talked about the importance of focusing on your highest value activities. Well, today, you will go a step further on clearing the playing field so you can actually get that important stuff done.

We are human beings. Our capacity to handle tasks, personal care, our children, our families, our work has a limit. Even when we plan and do the most important things, it’s easy to feel strung out and behind.

We are limited by the hours in our day – and the priorities that we make for ourselves.

So why do we keep taking more on – until it feels like our brains will explode?

To prove something to ourselves or someone else? And what exactly are we trying to prove? That we can power through something and survive?

I want my life to be more than SURVIVING. And I know I’m not alone.  I bet you want more too.

So, you want to know how to commit to doing only your most important work or activities?  Bring in the experts who handle the work that isn’t so critical to you, your life or your business. Surround yourself with experts in their field — for everything from cleaning your home to personal training to organizing your bills and filing your taxes.

Today, take a look at your surroundings, your to do list and then make a list of people who are experts in their field who you could potentially hire to get them done.

Don’t get stuck by any “oh I’d never hire that kind of person” thoughts. Just assign those not so critical tasks to your dream team.

First Step
Choose one activity that you feel confident you can let go of and NOT control.
A good starting point is hiring someone to clean your home a 1 or 2 times per month or finding a mother’s helper to watch/entertain your children while you get a few hours of work done.
Keep it simple and pick the first thing that seems do-able.

Second Step
Try it out for 30 days. Attempt to track how many hours you now have to spend with your family without rushing around, writing your book, meeting with potential business partners, looking for a new job.

Third Step
Choose another activity from the list that you know would free up TON of time.

Spend 15-30 days evaluating the time and space freed up in your life. Ask yourself if you feel less stressed, more productive and happier?

Rinse Repeat.

Don’t be afraid to hire out a few activities that will yield big free time blocks. You are never locked in with these experts – but beware: you will get really used to those tasks being done by people who do them well.

You’ll be enjoying a picnic in the park with your family while your to do list gets checked off.

You’ll never be bothered by a full laundry basket again.

Your taxes will get filed on time!

You will feel lighter and have more of that ever elusive white space.