Are you ready to hear the most amazing & simple technique for building relationships and nurturing the ones you already have?

Relationships are at the center of everything we do in our life. Our relationships often affect how we feel about ourselves, how we gauge our success and failures, and how we find the strength to deal with change.

Relationships determine your business success, your ability to achieve life long dreams, and even define who you are to some extent.  That’s why it’s so important to nurture and support these relationships. With yourself, yes, but with the world and the people critical to your survival.

Don’t you just love it when you get something unexpected but personal from someone dear to you?

Gifts that get sent to your home out of nowhere. Phone calls from people you haven’t spoken to in ages (for no particular reason). Letters and thank you notes just because.  Your husband bringing you home the exact right dark chocolate because he knows you’re cutting out sugar.

It lifts you up. Puts the rest of your day on a new spin.  You feel lighter. You feel loved.

Imagine getting to feel that way more than just once in awhile.

Well, it’s possible – and all it takes extra a little work and attention.

But you have to do it every day – even if it’s just once.

Here’s what you do:

Be more aware, notice and take a little extra care of the people around you.

  • Notice when someone’s tone doesn’t sound as upbeat as it normally when you’re on the phone.
  • Wonder why your mom hasn’t called at the time she usually does every single day.
  • Consider buying a stressed-out friend or co-worker a coffee while you’re out at lunch.
  • Thank someone you didn’t thank for something they did for you.
  • Send a text to your sweetie.

Almost any gesture — big, small, physical or not will make a huge improvement in someone else’s day, in your relationship with them, in their mood, in yours.  Sometimes even a smile can provide the necessary tweak to someone’s crappy day.

But here’s the challenge: you’ll need to get out of your own head, consider what others are going through and dealing within their daily life and actually offer the gift.

The reward for you will be more than you can imagine.  The feeling that you’ve outstretched your hand to someone — without motive will give you an amazing sense of peace and calm and will even fill others around you with the same feeling.

Go out now and offer your gift to someone.