You’ve got plenty on your plate when you’re in the middle of or just planning your next online launch.

I’m about to share another piece to the puzzle which might be more important than how your landing page looks.

To give you an idea of why it’s so important…let me point the finger at myself and share my own “About Page Smackdown”.

The #1 Reason Why Your About Page Can Make or Break Your Launch

About a month ago (ok you got me – SEVERAL MONTHS AGO), I realized I needed to make some changes to my own page.  Something wasn’t right – didn’t seem to fit anymore.  I knew that it had been written when the focus of my content was more personal development + productivity related. <<This is the one just prior to the current!

After fully embracing my passion for business and supporting online entrepreneurs through their launches, I knew that it needed to change…again.  

How did I know my about page was out of whack?

Well – I still got calls about Pilates – and I haven’t taught in more than 2 years.  That was a huge hint.

I also got people asking me about health and fitness coaching.  Never done that.

Ok – something’s not jiving, right?

So – I got the help of an amazing copywriter to make some big changes to the page. Check it out here for yourself.

We talked about all the new things I was offering, my need to not wipe the past away, but make it super clear what I do and at the very least that I DON’T teach pilates anymore!

What I’ve learned about getting this page right

As I connected with more and more people through blog posts, email, and social media, I realized I needed to make it even easier for people to get to know me.

Why? Well, the rumors are true – people buy based on who they know and like and usually someone they trust.  Go figure.

Here are some obvious positives to a well developed about page

*You’ve likely have heard about some of these before:

1. An about page gives people a chance to get to know you and see that you come from a similar place than they do.

2. It establishes you as an expert on the topic – and that you have used your knowledge with other people.

3. It allows people see to your personality and help them decide if they like you.  Believe it or not – this is a huge part of decision making.

When I like someone – their demeanor, the way they express themselves, it makes me want to learn from them.  And I know I’m not alone.

Do you buy from people you DON’T like?


Some About Pages That Do Their Job Well

And of course… I like to think that my about page helps you get to know me, but it’s one of those pages that will evolve over time as I do.

Time For Your Own Smackdown

Ask yourself these questions to improve your about page…even if you aren’t planning to launch for several months.

1. Is your about page aligned with your launch’s overall message?  Read through it yourself, have other trusted people read through it and give you their impressions.

2. Do you share sufficient proof that you are awesome at what you do from past clients?  Nothing like a little social proof to up the potential customer’s belief that you have the experience and knowledge they need!

3. Am I showing my true personality? Don’t be afraid to put your personality into the about page. This doesn’t have to be some stiff, corporate bio. Be you!

4. Did I include at least one opt-in form on the page?  Make sure you add at least one opt-in form to your launch interest list – so you can capture people on that page – while they’re getting to know you!

Spend some time over the next week making any necessary changes to your own about page.

Share your about page link in the comments below and tell us what changes you’ve made or what you plan to change!

And as always – if you like it share it – I really appreciate it!