This episode is not going to give you a new ad strategy or way to transition to your pitch on a webinar.

But this could have the same impact as if it’s that one thing you think will make your launch more successful, you biz grow…or get you closer to any of your launch goals.

I guarantee you that you will be worried about the number of tweets you’re sending out or the quality of your Instagram image but will still be doing some of these things, getting caught in a few of these webs.

Let’s get into it.

Here are three unexpected (maybe) killers of your last launch and potential future launches…

The advice today is short, sweet, and simple.

Ignore, avoid, walk away and just don’t do any of these things.

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Zip It Up

A wise woman (the dear Terri Cole) told me once to zip it up…she could tell from even our first meeting that I was someone who felt the energy and intention of others… She was bascially saying I needed to have thicker skin. And she was right. I’m very sensitive. A pisces through and through.

It’s this idea of Zipping It Up — figuratively and literally… not let other people’s energy, business, ideas, success, failures, whatever you want to call it seep into you.

It only weakens you.

Pushes holes into it…makes you unable to perform your best.

Bottom line – put your armor on.

People, situations, what other people are doing, what you’re doing…and haters will all be ready at the helm to push your buttons. Don’t let them do it–especially during a launch.

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Stop Paying Attention To Your Competitors

I get it. You want to be better than them. To stand out. To differentiate. And Those are good things. But they aren’t the ONLY reasons people buy from you. You will have a more successful launch if it’s clear you aren’t paying attention to anyone but your ideal customers and providing value. Period.

So instead of worrying, did you do the right Facebook Ad or if you should have done one more Scope…or if you included that FAQ email or video you see your successful competitor doing, ask yourself what your launch needs.

I will often unsubscribe or use the tool so I don’t see emails that trigger me.

Confidence and focus are two things that erode quickly if focus only on your competitors.

Beat all the damage reading your competitor’s offers and watching their launches by simply…focusing on your own peeps.

Keep Eyes on your own paper (and your own people!)

Probably one of the things I write on a post it not every single time I launch. Stop watching, reading, consuming. All you want to do during a launch is listen to your peeps…give them value…respond when they have questions…and look for people who have questions so you can answer them.

Stop consuming other people’s content during a launch.

Don’t mistake the need to “fill your well” or “stay inspired” during your own launch.

No one has time for that and there’s way to much to create on a launch to spend (aka waste) your time consuming content that might unintentionally water down your message.

You with me?

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I Want To Hear From You

Confession time. What non-strategic, non-technical…kinda personal challenges did you face on your last launch and vowed never to do again? Leave a comment below and let me know!!

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