What Do You Want?

A better job? A better car? A better body? A better life?  Maybe all of the above.

Most people want something that requires a shift or struggle of some kind, that gives us more than what we have now.

Funny thing is..even when we get what we want…there’s usually something else that will make it even better.

That’s why we’re always setting goals.  But…Goals are easy in comparison to making an actual change in your life.

Change usually requires you to start behaving differently–it might mean you give up relationships that don’t work, or you shed weight that kept your confidence low.

If you’ve been struggling to reach a goal that requires you completely change life as you’re living it now, then I’ve got news for you…it’s hard, yes…but it is possible.

Beware of Nay-Sayers

If you’ve been listening to the people who grumble, “People don’t change”…time to plug your ears.

There are lots of ideas and concepts and stories that people have been telling for generations…remember the ones your mom told you about not sticking your tongue out or your face would stay like that?

Well, the idea that people can’t change is also an idea – a story…and it’s one you don’t need to listen to.

Change happens when people decide it’s going to happen.  It’s not easy and not everyone is successful at it – but if you really want a different outcome or a different life…all you need to do is make some different decisions.

Change Can Happen: 5 Steps to Making It Last

Are you ready to get started?  Here are the first 5 articles in my article series on making last change in your life.

Bring your beginner’s mind and focus to each one.

Think about how you can embrace and implement one of the ideas everyday.

Find out why you need public accountability to ensure you stick to your big plan to change.

  • Take Responsibility

If you’ve spent anytime blaming others or making excuses for why you aren’t where you want to be, here’s how to take responsibility for your actions now.

Keep a journal of your progress – as you strive to make change.  This is especially powerful when improving your diet or exercise, but you can use it to track your progress toward any desired outcome.

Being in the moment is one of those concepts that seems easy, but is not.  Right now as you read this, you’re probably thinking of at least 10 other things you need to be doing other than reading this web page.Learn how to come back to the present and get on the fast-track to your goals.

We often struggle against a current of our own making.  We’re told to work hard, persist, make it work, tough it out…but do we really need to? What if we worked and lived easily, effortlessly?

And there’s more…because change is an ongoing process……

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