If this is the first time you’re visiting Make Room For Your Revolution you may be wondering where to start. So my goal here is to give you a road map of sorts for exploring this place.

There are over 150 articles posted on this site on topics including making room for your big ideas and goals, how to be more productive, building a strong business from day one, and many others to inspire you to realize your potential and value.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the posts that got the most attention – mostly because they hit to the core on what it takes to get your big ideas to reality.

Plus – I’ll admit some of them are my favorites, so that’s why they’re on the list too!

Step One:  Realize, Accept and Embrace Your Revolution.

What’s your driving force? What’s your reason why?

You may be afraid that people around you will laugh or call your “thing” unimportant or trivial. Maybe you yourself aren’t seeing your own value.

Step Two: Set Priorities

Start by saying no to things that are not a priority or will not get you closer to your goal.

Doesn’t matter what type of business, project or pursuit you are working towards, big goals cannot be reached if you have no room for them in your life. Get inspired and see what some of my online inspirations said about opportunity and saying no.

Step Three: Expose Yourself + Stop Pretending

We hide our true selves all the time. Maybe we are afraid of rejection. Maybe we don’t want to make someone else uncomfortable.  Maybe we have done it so long that we have forgotten our true selves.

The longer we stay in this state, the less room we have for a new story, a new goal. Eventually, your true self will come out — usually in a time of high emotional stress.  So, start start enjoying the thrill of being yourself.  Let it be fun. A game. You’ll be surprised what happens.

Everything’s Connected

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Now that you’ve made some space for those big goals…here’s how to make a real plan and take action on it.

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My Articles Around The Web

Over the past 2 years, I’ve written at a variety of sites on topics related to fitness, time management, managing a virtual team, and how to create your first product.  Here are some of those articles.  For a complete list, you can check out the whole updated list here.

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Everything Else:

If you finish all these posts and ya still want more…make your way over to the complete archives list and dive in.  Enjoy and let me know if any of the older posts struck a chord with you!

Anne in Cliff Notes Style:

Filmmaker, turned Producer, turned actress, turned singer, turned pilates instructor, turned online business manager and entrepreneur.  I love helping motivated, action takers with lots of ideas and breaking everything down into manageable, achievable steps.

I’ve been called the human trapper keeper and I actually take that as a compliment.  I’ve worked with start up companies and experimental divisions in film, tv, video games, and now online.  I love the energy of new ideas and people who are willing to take action even when the outcome is unknown.

The loves of my life are my daughter Mila and my Russian husband who I met while supervising him on a Dodge truck commercial.

I’m a bit of goof – so I like doing things like cutting cakes with huge swords…

For the complete story…or a little more anyways…check out my complete about page.

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