Disclaimer – Disclosure… Policy

This page is an attempt to disclose to you who I am, what this blog is about and what you are likely to find on any one of my websites:  annesamoilov.com, smartpilatesonline.com, smartpilates.blogspot.com, annesamoilov.blogspot.com, prenatalpilates.org or in any email newsletters you may receive from me.

I started this blog in 2009 as a means to share the lessons I’ve learned about the keys to living a healthier lifestyle.  Since that time, I’ve published at least 1 article every sometimes more! I’ve also posted audio and video to supplement the written material.  My main content has offered personal experience lessons, as well as tips, advice, and personal confessions of how I got myself back on track and living not only healthier but a happier life.  Because I am a pilates instructor, I also offer specific pilates content related to topics that are actually pertinent to my current practice.  If I’m having a back ache, I’ll probably write about that.

Safety Issues

I am not a doctor or medical professional and do not pretend to understand any physical or mental condition fully.  If you do any exercises or follow any advice on this blog for any reason, you do so at your own risk.  I am only giving you my experience and my knowledge of health, fitness, and pilates as I teach and practice it personally.

How I Make Money

First and foremost, I teach pilates.

Secondly, while the main purpose of this blog was to get more pilates clients, it has turned into a way for me to reach a larger audience and share the lessons I’ve learned with others — lately mostly new moms and pregnant women. Since this blog includes motivation articles, I am always on the lookout for products and people that inspire me.

I will never promote a product that I do not support. If I share a new service or product with my readers, it is because I have personally used the product successfully. Also, I have not received any products free – as of yet, from any companies, but if I do, I will state it clearly when introducing the product in my blog.

Today the majority of my income comes from three sources –

  1. Affiliate promotions where I am paid a commission if someone buys another person’s product after clicking an affiliate link on one of my websites or in an email I send.
  2. From Pilates Clients seeking Personal Training via Skype or in Person.
  3. From Pilates Classes I teach via Skype or in Person.

If any additional revenue sources reveal themselves, I will add them to this list immediately!

These websites are owned by the Anne Samoilov Pilates. For more information, please contact:  anne.samoilov at gmail dot com.

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