Now Hiring:
Communications + Content Coordinator

If you are a social butterfly who loves helping people, coming up with new ideas, writing, researching, and you love learning…then putting all that stuff together and taking action

… then I want you as my communications + content coordinator.

Position Description

I am looking for an amazing, energetic professional to join my busy, fast growing team. You’ll need to be available for 10-15 hours per week and spending some of that time strategizing, planning, and working directly with me.

Plus – you’ll work side by side with me to launch my projects and my clients’ projects too.  There’s going to be a mix of customer service, content management, email processing, and everything related to this whole online business thing.

But I must warn you – that even if you think what I do is all peachy keen…it’s important to read the entire page and be really clear if this is right for you – the good and the bad about whether we’re meant to be a team.

For instance – if you’re a clock watcher, instead of an outcome watcher…skip it.

I need someone who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty and always cares about delivering what they say when they say they will.

The Details

Here are the details of this position.  I’m looking for an exceptional person to fill this entry level VIRTUAL position at the moment. That being said – I’m only only interested in having a conversation if you are open to becoming a full-time employee (potentially within the next 6 months). And that said (heh) – there’s no guarantee that will happen.

The position starts with a 3 month trial period – at the end of which we’ll decide if everything’s going well enough to keep on moving!

So you can work anywhere – and if it’s local – that would be amazing of course, but it’s not required.

You’ll know this position is for you if spending your days doing the following sounds like a dream come true:

First of all – you get to own your job. You complete the work in the best way you know how, focus your energy where you are strongest, and best – can do it from bed if you want.

Your daily tasks will include:

Handling all incoming communication — which includes customer service, inquiries and requests for sessions with me, as well as the contact form requests from my blog.

You may assist with social media when necessary, as well as provide feedback/proofing on all my website content / blogs/newsletter / course material, coordinate all outreach, guest post pitching and follow up with potential clients as needed. I want you to want to make everything we produce better.

You will be the first voice many people hear when they reach out to me…so this is a hugely important role….because of how personal and high touch I like to be with my clients, customers and subscribers, the right person will be equally concerned with turnaround time and overall care of people who reach out for any reason.

But with all the freedom, ownership and personal responsibility you get – I expect a lot though it’s all very simple, basic stuff… though it’s non-negotiable in my book:

1. Don’t pretend to know something if you don’t. Fakers really bum me out.
2. If you say you are going to do something – do it.
3. If you take over a project – that means you are the boss of that and I expect to not have to tell you every single piece of the puzzle. Take it from a to z.
4. Communicate daily with me – even if there’s not a ton going.
5. Go out of your way to over deliver and show me how amazing you are.
6. Be better than me at what you do.

Skills You Will Need


  • Some experience assisting small business owners, solopreneurs, and better yet online entrepreneurs
  • Attention to detail – you need to see the mistakes I just don’t see
  • Experience with email based customer service
  • Ability to learn new technology, software, and systems
  • Advanced user of my go to tools
  • Skype
  • Mac OSX


  • Some experience using Infusionsoft
  • Intermediate or above experience with WordPress
  • Basic graphic editing skills
  • Intermediate skill level with video and audio editing
  • Some experience with social media management
  • References from other people who think you’re amazing.

The Extras – but just as important!

10 Ways You’ll Know We’re Perfect For Each Other

1. You’ve been e-stalking me just a wee bit. Don’t worry – I’ve been there and it works and I don’t think it’s creepy. If you are interested and excited about what I’m doing, what I’m creating, then we owe it to each other to work together. Don’t ya think?

2. You know how to write well. You love writing and editing so much that you usually hold yourself back from emailing people with your feedback and edits (after reading their blog posts or sales pages). I WOULD love to get your feedback edits and re-writes.

3. You love learning. And you love learning about business, marketing, building business, and anything related to this whole successful business genre. And as a key part of learning – you like sharing, demonstrating and putting that learning into action.

4. You love the following – and all are coincidentally in your genius zone:

  • Creating Systems + making sure people (i.e. me) use them
  • Social media
  • Copywriting
  • Reading anything you can get your hands on
  • Organizing someone else’s ideas into concrete plans
  • Handling customers with professionalism, care and kindness
  • Coming up with new ideas on the fly

5. You are more organized than anyone you know – so much so that you often remind people to do things they’ve mentioned they’re going to do…(and again, I need this big time)

6. You have your own computer and are a Mac user. And by ‘user’ we mean that you are addicted to Mac products….and you have at least Pages and Numbers and Keynote. (I swear I’m not a mac snob, but we gotta be using the same tools yo!)

7. You have NO interest in pursuing business on your own. You’d rather be a partner, collaborator and know the power of a team.

8. You want to be part of a business in its early stages so you can help it grow to its potential.

10. You’re probably wondering why I listed this long line of qualities but are secretly stoked and said, “woo hoo!” out loud when you matched each one!

11. BONUS: If you cannot quote a line from Cable Guy or Zoolander or give me a recap of last night’s The Voice – you’re out. I mean seriously – I need to know that you watch HORRIBLE movies and questionable television (though when you say Honey Boo Boo that just goes too far) and that you’ll at least somewhat NOT think I’m insane.

12. It goes without saying that you are Internet and tech savvy and there is no computer challenge you will not figure out.

With that said…it’s important you have a good working knowledge of the following tools as you will get in the thick of online business FAST:

  • Google Platform (docs, circles, etc.)
  • Google Hangout
  • Dropbox
  • GoToMeeting
  • WordPress
  • Evernote
  • Basecamp, Trello or Asana
  • Skype
  • Lite web development skills
  • Technical problem solving is always a plus!

Conversations between me and Ideal Candidate might sound like this:

“Okay, I went over the checklist for our next program launch and I think we should do A, B, and D but maybe do C during our next launch.

“Okay, Anne , I’ve talked with Aweber and it looks like we have everything under control now. But I swear, if they F*** things up again, they will not want to hear from me.”

“Anne, I’ve contacted everyone in the FL Group and it looks like everyone is okay with starting a new program in ____.”

“Anne, I’ve emailed all of the ladies in the MM group, and it looks like the best time to have our group call is _____ at ______ time. I will make sure to email everyone and schedule those calls for you and take care of setting up the call.”

“Anne, we’ve been receiving emails from new subscribers, and most of them are asking for this type of help, can I reference them to this program?”

“Anne, _____wants to know if you can be a guest blogger/speaker. I looked at our
calendar and it looks like you’re available. Would you like to do it?”

“Anne, I know we’re focusing on list building this month, we need to get those videos optimized for SEO…and I found someone on fiverr who can do some of that for us, wanna go for it?”

“Anne, we just finished the launch and let’s have a post mortem on what went well and what didn’t – how’s next Monday at ____”

How To Apply

Phew! I know that was a lot – but hopefully if you’re still feeling excited to join me on this business adventure, you’ll let me know…So, without further adieu, please respond to do the following to apply or fill out this handy application! I’m waiting to find you!

1. Write a cover letter that gives me a clue to how cool and geeky and excited you are to work with me! (I’m serious – I’m willing to forgo experience if I totally click with you)

2. Tell me about your favorite launches and/or businesses and why. No judgement here – just curious!

3. What blogs do you read and why do you keep reading them?

4. Attach, or include in the body of the email, your resume, a link to your blog sample writings, LinkedIn profile, or any other way for me to see what you’ve done and how you communicate.

5. Tell me why this position interests you – be specific even if you feel weird telling me.

6. Tell me which 10 hours you could work each week and note which of those hours are best for the strategy, brainstorming sessions.

7. If you have your own business already – you must tell me exactly what it is and how it WON’T impact the role you take with this team!

Now some harder questions:

1. Have you ever had a difficult work situation or project that didn’t end well. And it’s okay if you did – I’d love to hear what happened, how you feel about it now, and what went wrong.

2. Tell me about a specific project you managed or handled that went really well and why you think it went well – be specific because I do care!

3. Now – tell me about a not so great project you spearheaded or managed in some way – explain your role, why you think it didn’t turn out well, what happened…and then what you would have done better next time!

4. Tell me – what your hourly, yearly, or monthly salary requirement is for this position.

A few confessions about me that you should be aware of — it’s only fair I tell you this:

I come up with LOADS of ideas. I expect you to tell me what we have time and resources for and to record everything and bring it back up to me later when it seems like the right timing.

I like to change my mind on schedule stuff – and can run amuck if left to my own devices. You need to ask me, assign me, and tell me to get stuff done and keep me to that schedule.

I need everyone around me to take ownership and full responsibility for their roles. I don’t like to manage people. Ha! What that means is I hate when I have to remind you to do stuff…if I tell you once, please just keep on it or I get annoyed and start “trying” to do stuff on my own.

I like frank feedback, however I need you to be compassionate and sweet when giving it. I can be sensitive (though I’m getting better all the time).

I’m organized when I want to be.

I need systems in my business desperately – so am hoping someone swoops in and does that for me.

I might work on the weekends and in the evenings but I never expect you to do that. In fact, I’m trying to train myself, my customers and everyone to stop emailing me in the evening because I can’t stop responding.

I hate not knowing my budget for the month…so I spend time figuring out expenses and potential income – IN ADVANCE.

I get depressed when I feel like I am alone – so need people around me reminding me of the good I’m doing, impact I’m making, and the people I have helped.

But I get super bursts of energy at really random times when I’ll write like 4 blog posts in one sitting or plan out a year of promotions/launches in an hour.

I have some big dreams for this business that you will get to hear in detail and then help me make happen if we sync up.

If helping me grow the Fearless Launching platform and Anne Samoilov brand – sounds like a dream, a challenge, and something you’d love to start ASAP – then send your cover letter & resume to [email protected] by October 25th, 2013. (put communications assistant in the subject line)

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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