Making room for you and your dreams…

What if I told you that your revolution could bring dramatic change to your business and life…but without the so-called “drama”?

What if I told you that your revolution could bring out more of who you really are…but without excluding other people in the process?

Hi, I’m Anne, and I believe that including all of who we really are – even the seemingly unrelated or fragmented parts of us – is a revolutionary act.

It’s revolutionary because when we create a bigger space for who we really are, we actually make more room for everything else in our lives as well.

Not less room – more room.  More room for our families.  More room for success.  More room for our dreams.

And I want to help you do just that.

You’re in the right place – right here.

So let’s look at where you are. If you’re ready to take yourself, your business, project, book, or art seriously, then you’re in the right place. If you’re ready to create a lasting, successful, thriving small business, then you’re in the right place.

If you’re ready to build more than just a hobby that (usually) supports itself, then you’re in the right place.

If you want to learn – and implement – all that needs to happen “behind the scenes” in your business, then you’re in the right place.

Start-up teams…from the start

I’ve been working on start-up teams for as long as I can remember.  From new departments, to new companies, to new growth phases just getting a foothold – I’ve had the opportunity to take projects of all sorts through that crucial start-up process.

It seems I was always pulling people together to create something bigger. I kept the theme alive by getting jobs in small companies that were either just starting to grow or just starting, period.

All throughout, I’ve had some amazing opportunities to be involved in some amazing projects in some wonderfully amazing ways: I’ve hired rockstar teams of digital artists.

I’ve wrangled international clients and well known Hollywood directors at an up-and-coming digital effects studio.

I’ve worked with a skeleton team to bring giant squids and dinosaurs to life at an experimental animation / production studio in Canada.

I’ve lead a team of graphic artists and film / TV digital creators as part of a new division of a large and successful video game studio.

I’ve helped online entrepreneurs with skeleton teams crew up and go pro.

I’ve advised, managed, and been in the trenches as part of a successful online team that brings social media marketing training to small business owners. I’ve started (and scrapped) many blogs and websites.

How this helps you

I’ve been able to distill all of these amazing start-up experiences into two crucial ideas.

Idea #1

Failure happens around the 2 year mark unless there are some very specific elements in place.

In fact, success can actually be deceiving. It doesn’t even really happen unless you get some key things in order first. So don’t be mislead by early wins.

Celebrate the heck out of ‘em, for sure.  But please know that those hints of success aren’t a guarantee that your business will thrive and grow.

It’s exciting and gratifying to have your products and projects received well, but without the proper systems in place they are likely short lived.

Systems give you stability. Systems give you consistency.  Systems mean no drama in your business, just more room for growth – more room for your dreams.

Idea #2

No matter what your goals are, there are 4 key ingredients every person needs to take their “thing” to the next level.

  • Space +Support
  • Plan + Action
  • Launch
  • Reframe

Knowing how to start is important, as you know.  So is knowing when to start and knowing where to start. But here’s something very few people are talking about:  knowing when to press the “pause” button and re-evaluate. Knowing how to reframe things, make any necessary corrections, and then keep going. This is one of the most important skills you’ll gain as a business owner – and human being, for that matter.

Zero Compartments = More Room

What we’ll talk about here has a lot to do with getting started.  It also has a lot to do with how to keep going if you’ve stopped. So in other words, you’ll get the most out of the articles if you are starting a business, re-starting a business, or starting a bigger project that needs to reach more people.

But we won’t stop there because the lessons on this site can be applied to the rest of your life as well. In fact, I cracked the surface of this topic in my digital book – slash – way of life titled The White Space Solution.

Bringing more of yourself – all of yourself – into everything you do really means the end of compartmentalization.  I’m not sure where that whole thing started, but I know it’s not necessary.  Our “work” life.  Our “home” life.  Our “family” life.  Our “social” life.

How about just  life – all of it – in one big wonderful experience.

I stopped compartmentalizing and found more room for myself, my business, my family, and my success.

So be prepared to get some personal mind-meld training too.  Because when something’s goofed up in one facet of your life, it’s goofed up everywhere.  It’s all wonderfully related and we’ll approach it that way. We’ll talk about your health and launching.  We’ll talk about meditation and long term sales goals. We’ll talk about your kids and communication with your customers. And most of all, we’ll talk about the you that’s hidden and how to get yourself out there more. Together we’ll perform the revolutionary act of creating a bigger space for you and your dreams.

Don’t be shy.

Email me: anne at annesamoilov DOT com

Facebook: I’m like most of the world – there too often!

Twitter: Yup – I’m here – @reply me !

Phone: please just email – it’s actually the best and fastest way to reach me!

How’d you like to hone your skills, un-complicate your business, make room for your revolution? Only an email address away!

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