The Message Lab

Find Your Voice & Use It At the Right Place & Time During Your Launches.

Finally, Have More Conversations That Sell Your Programs Over & Over Again.

question for you...

What would you do if you knew exactly what to say to your audience so they would respond and purchase your offers every time you launched?

Imagine having an easy strategy that could be used for every promo, funnel, and evergreen product you wanted to create…that feels COMPLETELY ALIGNED WITH YOU…

What if you finally believed YOU DO HAVE THE POWER to teach, impact, and support people on a larger scale…and you just want to shout it from the rooftops?

What if you could stop worrying about everything you wanted to post on social or send in an email wasn’t ‘right, or was annoying or too salesy?

What if you could use a simple system where you feel CONFIDENT and EXCITED about your offers… and sharing them with your audience?

Imagine never needing to fake a format or platform that you aren’t comfortable using. You won’t need to follow any plug-n-play template to the letter either. 

All of this is possible.

Inside the Message Lab, you get to make your own “done for you” template.

And this might feel familiar & relatable:

  • You don’t feel very polished or “presentable” or professional.
  • You’re tired of winging it on social media and sending emails that get no response.

  • You’re worried people will get sick of you before I even open the doors!

  • You hate the way your voice sounds and how you look on video but know you “should” be doing both!

  • You have a folder full of draft videos you’ll never post and emails you’ll never send…

  • You’re worried you might sound too salesy.

  • You don’t have the energy to keep all the content creation and posting up.

    After you’ve taken the courses, hired the coaches, and attended all the webinars, it feels like it’s still not clicking and YOU’RE TIRED!

    I get it.

if that sounds even a little right...

You know things need to change.

it's not your fault, here's how I know...

You're doing all you can and still not getting the response or "engagement" everyone talks about.

Whether you’ve taken a course or hired a coach or bought an email swipe file…it’s okay to need help.

You’ve taken the leap, started communicating with your audience, and even created a free opt-in to build interest and set a launch date.

You might not want to say it out loud to your business besties, but you’re not seeing the engagement or response you had hoped for, and now, you’re second-guessing whether you’re saying the right thing or creating the right content.

You’re dreaming of selling your programs with ease and without second-guessing or giving up because you feel overwhelmed by all the messages that need to go out during your launch.

And if you don’t see some progress soon, well, you’re worried you’ll need to close your doors.

But it doesn't have to be that way

Knowing what to say and when can help you build the relationships and make the revenue you've been working toward.


The Message Lab

Everything You Need To Find Your Voice & Use It At the Right Place & Time During Your Launches.

The Message Lab is completely self-paced program that walks you through the 4 phases of all online launch communication in order to connect & make more sales.

read up.

Member Stories

“I’ve been in business for more than 10 years and I’d always felt like I was taking baby steps. Sales would come in but not ever be amazing. Once I start implementing the launch messaging advice from anne, I launched in my ‘off season’ with more success than I’d ever experienced.”

joann, coach

Anne’s training and support have been invaluable to my business and the launch of The School of Divine Confidence. I came with zero background in online launching and was overwhelmed with all the moving pieces, but Anne’s step-by-step training, patience, and genuine desire to help allowed me to move through each phase of launching. I love this lady, and highly recommend working with her! What I love the most about Anne is that you will not get any cheesy sales pitches, no marketing ploys, and no inauthentic communication. She’s the real deal and you will more than get your money’s worth.”

Kat, Speaker, Coach, Visionary

Ready to have more conversations that lead to sales?

let's dig into the details

Here's What You'll Learn:

Module #1: Explore

Start Building Your Launch List

  • Declare what content to create and share so that you’ll start building your launch list with ease.
  • Pick your platform, start using it correctly so that you don’t waste any time as you work toward your launch.
  • Use my easy peasy response tracking process to understand what’s working and what’s not.
  • Create your own repeatable promotion process and set it in motion.

Module #2: Introduction

Introduce Your Expertise + Offer

  • Determine your pre-launch timeline and start sharing messages to support your offer. 
  • Decide how long you want the phase to last and why.
  • Determine which mediums you’ll use to build momentum and desire and start building the pieces.
  • Turn your introduction into an automated process or one to easily repeat when you launch again.

Module #3: Bond

Bond With Your Leads + Make The Offer

  • Map out your open cart timeline and sales messages.
  • Discover the clues that you’re ready to start this phase.
  • Implement the right content intensity depending on your “style” and your ideal customer
  • Must send messages during the bond phase. 
  • Turn your Bond Phase into an automated or repeatable process.

module #4: Bridge

Create The Exit Ramp For Your Launch + Reset The Desire Cycle

  • Map out the messages and communication that will need to go out from deadline/closing.
  • Learn how to use verbal and non-verbal cues in your communication.
  • Understand when to send extra messaging for specific groups of people.
  • Transition out of launch mode and potentially bring in more sales!
  • Brainstorm new ways to leave the “launch” and bridge back to normal. 

Module #5: bringing it together

Start Building & Launch

  • Access ready to use templates for planning out your communication and launch with our Google, Asana, and Trello templates.
  • Create your emails, social media, and other communication with our mailing plans and send calendars.
  • Turn everything into an archive you can use immediately in your evergreen funnels, courses, and digital products.
  • Learn exactly what pieces can be improved, revised, and changed to improve your launches.

the bonuses

You're also going to get access to:


Use this simple step-by-step formula to practice launching. Great for you if you’re working on building your list or launching something “free” like a podcast, a free resource, or webinar.

($497 value)


Create your first-time offer with the help of a group of devoted founding members. Perfect if you haven’t created your product yet, want to test your offer with a group of founding members.

($497 value)


Create your first challenge with this step-by-step how-to. If you’ve always wanted to create a free launch challenge.

($497 value)

Ready to dive into the Message Lab today?

After just a few short weeks working on her messaging and practicing getting comfortable with new people…she took the leap.

As soon as she made herself visible, consistent, raised her voice and start to tell people what she was up to, people took notice and her art sales increased.

Since then, she’s released several journals and poetry books over on Amazon too!

Lynndee, artist & Poet

Meghan decided to schedule 9 weeks of free Facebook Lives…

“Early in my online business, I tried to launch a course and no one bought. So, when I did it this time (even though my big goal is 10 students), I was secretly hoping to get at least 1.And so far I’ve had 5 people enroll (from atiny list)!!!

I know this would never have happened if I hadn’t created an effective content plan leading up to my launch.”

Meghan, designer

let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

Bonus #1: List to Lead Masterclass

(value = $497)

Bonus #2: Beta Launch Workshop

(value = $497)

Bonus #3: Challenge Launch Workshop

(value = $497)

Instant access to the complete Message Lab program + framework
(value = $997)

Lifetime access to all updates and monthly Voxer office hours

(value = $1597)

Private Invitation to the Community
(value = $997)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $5000,

but you can enroll today for a special investment of $997.



One Payment


4x $375

One Payment of $275 today 

Your success matters guarantee

100% Risk Free

We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in The Message Lab, so we’ve created a 7-day money-back guarantee. Everything inside the program can be implemented from Day 1, so if you show up, do the work, engage in the community, you will experience progress even in a few short days.


Hey there, I'm Anne.

I’ve been a launch strategist, teaching launch, and business strategy to online business owners for the last decade. 

I’ve helped successful entrepreneurs like Laura Roeder, Marie Forleo, Jonathan Fields, and Denise Duffield Thomas achieve 6 and 7 figure online launch results.

I’ve also been featured on sites including, New York Times Online,, and many more!


Good, because there's one more thing I need to tell you.

You’re reading this page because you’re searching for an answer. I know this because I’ve been there.

There’s a reason this is speaking to you.

And if I’m making a guess, it’s because –

  • You truly care about your students, clients, or customers and know your work can impact them and you know that improving your communication is the single best way to reach them.
  • You know what’s available currently to your audience and you’re confident that you can provide them with something deeper they aren’t already getting..but you still feel like no one knows who you are!
  • You’ve been doing all the things to reach new people, to build your list–and like me, you have been creating so much content wondering why it’s not moving the needle!
  • You’re ready to tell people with no apologies or shame…what you do, who you help…but you’re a little nervous to put it out there…what if you fall flat on your face?

Communication. Conversation. Connection. These are all areas we must continually improve throughout the life of our business.

Imagine you could make one change today and tomorrow, you have someone email you inquiring about your course or your coaching services?

have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this program will likely be available at another time. However, bonuses may change, pricing may increase, and you may simply forget! Why not start today, get lifetime access to the program and all updates? Starting today you can begin showing up differently for your audience…

There are no pre-requisites for this program. You don’t necessarily need to have a course or product for sale yet even. All you need is a willingness and passion for bringing value into the world! Learning how to communicate is something that will serve you the life of your business.

Let’s talk! I’m not sure what other programs you have been a part of, but if they were ones that ask you to follow their lead or fail, then I also have had that experience. Reach out to us at [email protected] and I’ll find time to chat!

While this is not a copywriting course, you will learn to express yourself in a more honest, clear way. If you’d like to work on specific copywriting skills for your marketing, let me know and I’ll provide some other recommendations!

Every single month, I hoste a Voxer Q & A where you submit your questions and then you get a clear response back to you! These are scheduled for specific days of the month but you never have to worry about missing it because they are live-ish only!

I believe you can get value in this program AND here’s why. One of the bonuses you could dive into first is all about list building – it’s called List to Lead. This bonus walks you through my personal process for building my list. 

You do not need to purchase any special tools to work on this program.I will say that at a minimum, you should have a website, a few social media profiles and a way to send email to your list. But I can give you recommendations to get those set up too if needed.

No questions, I'm ready for this!

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