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BETTER results…the more time you give yourself, the more success you’ll have. 

Creating Your Launch Map. If you want a launch with less stress and

Does Planning Your Launch Feel Like a Huge Guessing Game?

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

What it takes to have a successful launch...

Behind every successful launch I’ve worked on, there’s been a clear, well-thought-out plan. Before the product was finished. Before the partners were contacted. Before the open cart date was defined. Before the team was assembled.

The launch map created the bones for everything from schedule to strategy.

If you’ve got 6 weeks or more before you want to launch a product or service online now, this workshop is for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why Planning Is Important + How far in advance is just right for you
  • Tools I recommend for planning out your launches
  • Common launch scenarios and schedules
  • How to set the main dates of your next launch
  • Guidelines for breaking down a project or a launch
  • How to stay on track secrets – for when you’re launching alone or working for a team, for a client.
  • How long things take for real and the art of padding the schedule – stuff that needs to start early, what to skip, what to avoid.

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Create Your Launch Map

let's dig into the details

What's Inside the Course?

Lesson ONE

Planning Overview

  • The very first step I take before planning a launch 
  • Questions to ask yourself about your last launch 
  • Overview of what we cover throughout the course 
  • Plus, you’ll get a little pep talk that reframes the way you may have thought about planning in the past. 

Lesson two

Minimum Viable Plan

  • How to complete a pre-planning Inventory
  • Brainstorming your vision for the launch
  • 2-step process to breakdown your launch
  • When to put the dates on the calendar
  • Minimum Requirements for launching

Lesson three

Planning Success Path

  • What’s Gets Scheduled First
  • How to know if something is a big detail or can be added later
  • How to know when you’re ready to build your launch assets
  • Some unexpected hiccups to be aware of
  • Activities you can do on the fly – the launch turnaround
  • Start making it real by putting your dates on the calendar

Lesson FOUR

Plan With Me - Behind The Scenes

  • I’ll walk you through exactly what I do every time I plan/map a launch
  • Things I never skip when I’m mapping a launch… no matter what
  • Why you’ll see me often pop around instead of creating a linear launch plan
  • My workflow behind the planning process
  • My secret sauce is how I share the plan with someone else

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