New: The White Space Solution


Unsure what to do next in  your business and life?

Get Clarity. Feel Creative Again. Achieve Connection. Be FREE.

The White Space Solution is your digital reminder to clear up all the clutter in your life… to make space for yourself and your LIFE immediately.

Who are you?

Someone who plays lots of roles in your life with several layers of to do lists – but none with you at the top?

Maybe you’re ready to start living and loving life again–eager to follow your dreams for once instead of pushing everyone else’s forward?

Someone who knows it is time to take it to the next level in their business? You want to be selfish once in awhile without feeling guilty. You probably want to do it like YESTERDAY.

So…my tips and training combine simple, best practice actions that you take every single day.

If your business is the thorn in your side, you can’t forget your health.  And if it’s your relationship in ruins, flowers and romantic dinners won’t solve the bigger problem.

White Space may be exactly what you need – it encompasses all the peace, clarity and energy you crave in your life.

That’s what I needed. And I why I latched on to this concept to apply to all areas of my life!

The White Space Solution is a manual for finding, taking and living with more white space.

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Here’s what’s included in this very special brand-new edition of the White Space Solution…

1. The E-Book

A 78-page pdf guide to 31 days of clearing space in 4 key areas of you life in pdf format.

(you’ll receive all future updates of the digital book free!)

2. White Space Worksheets & Activities

  • Where Are You Now?
  • Establishing Healthy and Happy Habits
  • Get Support > Find Experts
  • Clues To Find Your Rhythm
  • Stop Being A Productivity Zombie
  • What Is Your Best Work?

3. Masterclass (recorded March 2017)
Need some more inspiration and push to clear space in your life and take the concept seriously? This audio class will help you reconnect and recommit.

4. Resource Guide (Delivered With Workshop)
A LIVING RESOURCE DOCUMENT sharing the books, websites, people who have provided me with the inspiration for making more space in my own life.  This is an ever evolving list of my personal resources – so you’ll get updates whenever I make them!!

5. Facebook Community 
We’ll keep each other accountable, hold space when we all need it and share strategies for staying out of our heads (and out of overwhelm).

Questions & Answers

Have additional questions not covered below? Email me at

Q: Can I get it on Kindle, iBooks, or other ebook format?
A: Not yet, but you will be able to very soon!

Q: What about a print version?
A: Not available yet!

Q: I just bought the book but don’t know what to do next. How do I get it?
A: You should receive an email (the one you used to pay for the book) that contains a download link. You only get 5 attempts to download the file, so don’t click on it until you’re at the computer you want to download the book to. The download should contain the book and several files, including a “start here” file. This start-here file has very basic instructions and info on how to access the private webpage.

Q: But I never received an email with a download link … what now?
A: No worries … just email me at, let me know!