Create Your 2018 Launch Calendar


Grab this On Demand end of the year planning workshop to get your ducks in a row for next year. We’re going to get laser focused on how and what you should be launching in 2018. Plan with me for a power hour mastermind and this is what we’ll cover:

  • I’ll walk you through my own planning process and share what I’m planning and why…
  • How to space out your launches and when to start working on each one
  • The different types of launches you should do throughout your year
  • What you can do if you change my mind…and why I always give myself an out
  • Plus, we’ll go over my own launch templates and tools (plus I’ll give them to you too!)
  • We’ll also compare our plans from last year!
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Class Details:

As soon as you purchase your ticket to class, you’ll receive an email your workshop recording and all of your class materials. In addition to the 1-hour workshop, you’ll also find the following resources available to you:

  • Video recording of 2018 Launch Map class (originally recorded December 2016)
  • 2018 Launch Map Planner (updated)
  • How To Map Out Your Year Workbook (updated)
  • 2018 Planning Resources (updated)
  • 2018 Printable Planning Sheets (updated)
    • These include monthly dashboards delivered each month of the year

Refund Policy on this class: There is no refund available for this training due to the low ticket price and so you are committed to the process of planning out your year of launches! We’ve both got skin in the game on this one!

Please send all questions regarding the class to me at anne @ annesamoilov dot com.