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Wait! Before you Turn Your Idea Into a Product – podcast

The 3 Emails You Must Send During a Launch..and a Fresh Alternative for Bloggers 

Amy Porterfield:
#006: 5 Systems to Put in Place Before You Launch Your Next Program, Product or Service – podcast

Think Traffic:
How to Increase Revenue Even If You Don’t Have Your Own Product

Suitcase Entrepreneur:
How to Make Your Next Product Launch Lucrative – podcast

LKR Social Media:
Stop Launch Overwhelm By Choosing The One Right Tool To Keep You On Track
5 launch hacks that save you time, make you money and serve your customer
The top 8 work habits I’m stealing from LKR (and you can too!)
How to Get All Those Online Courses Spoon Fed and Digested Without Lifting a Finger
Read This Post to Start Seeing Results in Your Business
The LKR Chronicles: How to leave a job you love for the life you want
Turing Your Natural Talents Into an Online Course Doesn’t Start With You
Video Virgin? 3 Keep it Simple Videos to Promote Your Business Without a Film Degree 
Why Building Your List is More Important Than Sales During Your First Launch
The Unexpected and Best Side Effect to a Strong Social Media Automation Strategy 
Ouch! Stop Making These Crucial Content Creation Mistakes!
How to Launch on a Budget: AKA Avoid Buying Things You Don’t Need
6 Systems To Put In Place Before You Launch
Follow Your Passion Keep Your Day Job

The Mogul Mom:
Help Wanted: Tips on Hiring Your First Employee
Can You Use Fear to Fuel Your Business?
7 Steps to Getting Your Product Out of Your Head and Into the World
Seen in the Mogul Mom Marketplace

Lady Business Radio:
Episode 23 Leaving a Team and Starting a Team – podcast
Episode 10 Fearless Launching and Singing – podcast

Nathalie Lussier:
How to Give Yourself Space to Grow

The New York Times:
This Week in Small Business: Meatball or Sausage?

International Association of Women Entrepreneurs Online:
A Love Letter To My Business

Simple Mom:
Do You Need White Space?

Pick The Brain:
Feeling Stuck? 7 Ways to Make More Space in Your Life and Get Moving Again

Pilates Pro:
Pilates Mentors: Q&A with ‘Pilates Goddess’ Lynda Lippin
Pilates Mentors: Q & A with Margurite Ogle

Live Well 360
What’s Your Rush? How To Get Healthy and Fit for the Long-term
An Introduction to Pilates

Workout Mommy:
Are Your Forgetting Something?

Talking Work:
Episode 12: An Interview with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo and PM Minute with Anne Samoilov

Interview with Web Worker Daily (but they did say I had tech anxiety which I find very funny because I’m a geek through and through)
Click here for the interview