Email Lift-Off!


When it comes to writing your launch emails, many of us struggle with a few key questions…

If you’ve ever wondered what emails you should include in your launch campaign? How far in advance should you start talking about your launch?

This 5-Day course shares the answers to those questions plus more including:

  • What are the exact emails you should send leading up to your launch
  • The secret to knowing who to send emails to and how often you should send them!
  • And…I’m also revealing the real┬ácommunication strategy that works on every launch I’ve ever been involved with.

PLUS: You’ll get a handy launch emails cheatsheet so you can take everything you learn and put it to use on your own next launch!

Best yet, it’s free!



As soon as you sign up for the course, you’ll receive a welcome email from me and your first day email.

Included in this free week long mini-training:

  • 5-days of emails delivered to your inbox
  • Write Your Launch Emails Cheatsheet (PDF)
  • Case Study: How I write my launch emails (mp3)

Each piece will be delivered via email and the course starts the second you sign up!