The Launch Walkthrough


Short on time? Launching in a month? If you just want the to do list and a run down of the launch process with a community to keep you accountable?

Imagine less stress, more confidence, and the knowledge that you’re doing EXACTLY what you should be doing every single day to hit your launch date.

That’s what the Launch Walkthrough is all about!

This 30 day course and community gives you the step by step checklist of everything you need to do if you plan on launching a product or service online.

No fuss. No muss.

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The Launch Walkthrough program includes:

  • 35-day launch to do list delivered via email every week-day
  • 60-page Launch Manual with all your to-do’s and tools delivered instantly
  • 30-minute launch overview (video)
  • 28-step Launch Roadmap + Checklist (pdf)

Plus – you get all updates as well as new resources when I create them from the bigger Fearless Launching community!

Want a sample before you make your decision? Check out the first 7 days inside my Launch Manual (PDF). Take a peek and get started working on your launch.